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What are the specialties of Kaifeng Lankao? Lankao is suitable for starting with special products

The specialties in each place are different. Here is an introduction to the specialties in Lankao, Kaifeng, Henan Province. How much do you know about the specialties here? What are the differences?

1. Lancao grape

Grape is one of the fruits that many people like. It is nutritious, delicious and juicy. In fact, there are many places where grapes are planted. Here we mainly introduce the grapes of Lankao. The environment here is excellent, the sun is abundant, and the land is fertile. The grapes planted here are full of grains, fleshy, thin and juicy skin, tender, crisp and sweet, and of high quality. Moreover, the grape is also rich in nutrition, which can improve immunity, anti-aging, anti-cancer and anti-cancer effects. It is favored by consumers in the market.

2. Lancashire red

Shalihong is actually hawthorn, which is also called red fruit. It has different names in different places. It is also a kind of fruit for both medicine and food. It tastes sour and sweet. It is often used to make some preserved fruits and sauces. Of course, it can also be eaten directly. It's also very good to drink sliced, dried and pickled water. It has the functions of strengthening the spleen, nourishing the stomach, eliminating food and helping digestion. The Shali of Lankao is red, with thin skin, gorgeous color, thick and white meat, and high quality. It is often used to make some Hawthorn cakes in the local area, as gifts to visit relatives and entertain guests.

3. Lancao Lily

Lily's edible value, ornamental value and medicinal value are all very high. What I'd like to introduce here is the lilies of the orchid test. There is a long history and rich experience in planting lilies here. It's said that a long time ago someone dedicated the lilies to the emperor, who was greatly pleased and named Kaobai. Its meat is fat and delicate, its fragrance is fresh and elegant, it also has the effect of beauty and beauty, anti-cancer, lung moistening and so on, which is a very precious tonic.

4. Milk with bean curd

Tofu is a kind of sauce we often eat. It's delicious to mix porridge, stir fry and make soup. This kind of sauce is produced in many places, but the taste is different in different regions. Here is the introduction of this langkao bean curd. It has a long history, exquisite workmanship, and exquisite materials. Its color is gorgeous, and it looks appetizing. It's no better to mix noodles with porridge. It's delicious and salty. It also helps digestion and stomach.