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What are the specialties of Aksu Keping in Xinjiang? Aksu Keping is suitable for delivering special

The specialty of each place is different. What I want to introduce here is the famous specialty of aksukaping, Xinjiang. Have you ever known about the specialty here? Why don't you come with me now to learn about it? Let's see what is suitable for taking home to send people!

1. Keping mutton

Mutton is a very common meat food. Most people like to eat it. There are many kinds of cooking methods for the mutton, which is delicious and nutritious. The following is the Keping mutton. The climate here is suitable, and the ecological environment is very good. It's best to breed sheep. The meat is fat, tender, refreshing, smooth and tender, with small smell. Commonly used to stew soup, barbecue, hot pot and so on are very good!

2. Kepingqiamagu

Kepingqiamagu, you may not know what this is. In fact, it's what we often call radish. It's a very common vegetable. It's nutritious and delicious. The growing environment of Keping is special. In addition to its rich experience in planting technology, the cultivated radish is big, well proportioned, succulent, crispy, sweet and delicious. It is good for stewing and cold mixing. Moreover, it is also rich in nutrition. Regular eating can also help digestion, improve immunity, prevent cancer and fight cancer. It is a very good nutrition and health food.

3. Tianshan snow lotus

Saussurea involucrata is a very precious medicinal material. Its growing environment is special, and it is also a natural growing medicinal material, so it is rare and precious. It is mainly used for stewing, or brewing wine, as medicine and so on. It is called the best in medicine. It has the effects of regulating menstruation and blood, supplementing qi and kidney.

4. Keping red dates

Jujube is one of the most popular fruits. Besides fresh fruits, there are many dried jujube, jujube jam, preserved fruit and so on. This is the red jujube produced in Keping. It is big, thick, juicy and delicious. The dry red jujube used for making is more delicate, soft and sweet, with ruddy color. It is very popular in the market. Moreover, it is also nutritious. It has the functions of beauty, nourishing blood, preventing cancer and fighting cancer. It is a very good nutritional tonic.