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Is Provence fun? What are the tourist attractions in Provence?

Provence is an urban area of France. There are many buildings and sceneries that represent French style, but the most famous one here is lavender. Every year, when lavender is in full bloom, many people begin to visit this place. We all know that to travel to a place, we must first understand the place. So, do you want to know Provence? Do you want to see what kind of scenery it has?

Provence tourism strategy

Old port of Marseilles

The old port area is located in the Marseille of the Rhona estuary. It is not only the heart of this area, but also the essence of the whole Marseilles, where many historical monuments can be seen, while the old port is not old. It was reconstructed after the Second World War, but the locals still call it "old port". Apart from their habits, there should be a historical feeling among them. Every morning, the fish market here is very busy. The wharf is full of small fishing boats and boats. The whole harbor is full of the unique leisure atmosphere of southern France.

Stone City

The high beam stone city is like a house built with yellow soil in the poor mountain areas in China before. However, the beauty of the granite town built by the mountain can be found only after a close look. Because of its unique architectural style and special geographical location, the town presents a charming charm, which attracts numerous tourists to visit. Due to the complex terrain, it is necessary to take a zigzag mountain road to get here from the outside, whether by car or by foot. Here, you can feel the tranquility and vitality of the castle, the church, the stairs and the flowers around.

Senanque Abbey

Seneck monastery is located in the gold area of volcruz. Most of the young people come here to see the most famous lavender scenery in Provence. It is also known as one of the 'most beautiful valleys in France', which often appears on postcards. Because Xiduo sect is a group of ascetic monks, the furnishings in the monastery are very simple. A large area of golden wheat is planted in the open field in front of the monastery, while lavender is planted outside the walls by the monks.

Teaching Palace

The palace of religion is located in Avignon in volcruz. It is also one of the most representative buildings of Avignon. It is also the largest and most important medieval Gothic architecture in Europe. It is precisely because of its existence that Avignon has become a religious capital. It is also a combination of the palace and military fortress as one of the buildings, standing at the top of the ancient city. The papal palace is divided into two parts: the old palace and the new palace. The old palace is simple and unadorned, which belongs to Roman architectural style; the new palace is magnificent, which is a typical Gothic architecture.

About Provence's tourism strategy, I'd like to introduce it to my friends. If any of them want to visit this exotic Town, they may as well take a look at this aspect of tourism strategy!