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When is the best time to visit Bangkok? The best time to travel in Bangkok

Thailand is one of the most popular tourist countries in the world, while Bangkok is the central city of Thailand, and also one of the favorite cities for the young people to travel to Thailand. Do you want to know when is the best time to travel to Bangkok?

When is the best time to visit Bangkok

Because Thailand is close to the equator, and Bangkok is located in the south central region of Thailand. With the influence of tropical monsoon climate, the climate in Bangkok is basically hot all year round, but the average temperature is about 27 ℃, and the general maximum temperature will not exceed 40 ℃. Moreover, there are rainy season, hot season and cool season in the year.

February to June is the hot season in Thailand, during which Bangkok will also be affected by the heat flow, with high temperature

July to October is the rainy season in Bangkok, but the rainy season in Thailand belongs to showers, which come and go in a hurry

From October to January is the cool season in Bangkok, and the temperature is suitable for the whole day.

According to the time period of each season in Bangkok, my friends can decide when to travel. At the same time, I don't forget to pay attention to the opening time of the Grand Palace in Bangkok. After all, Thailand has the reputation of "the country of thousands of Buddhas", and the Grand Palace in Bangkok is one of the most representative scenic spots.

Best travel time in Bangkok, Thailand

According to the travel time of most domestic young friends abroad, winter and summer holidays are the peak period of overseas parent-child travel, and summer vacation is in the hot season for Bangkok, so the number of tourists here is relatively small, more is to take children to the beach for holiday and water, so the best travel time in Thailand Bangkok is in the cold season including winter vacation, because the winter vacation At that time, the domestic temperature was relatively low, while Bangkok was in a cool season. The whole weather was not cold or hot, comfortable and cool, which was very suitable for visiting everywhere. Moreover, because there are too many temples in Thailand, there will be many inconveniences in dressing. If you are not allowed to wear short sleeved shorts to visit the temple, you may have a poor experience, but It doesn't exist in the cool season. Long sleeved trousers or a coat can avoid this problem.

This is the best travel time in Bangkok, Thailand. I believe that after knowing the seasonal period in Bangkok, my friends have the answer about when it is suitable to travel.