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Is Saipan high in consumption? How much is a seven day tour of Saipan?

Saipan's visa free policy for Chinese citizens has attracted many Chinese people to come here for vacation. This is a famous diving holy land. The mysterious blue hole is here. The original features of the island here are preserved very late, which is very suitable for relaxation. Many people want to come here for a tour, but how much is Saipan's tour? How much is a 7-day tour of Saipan?

How much is the tour of Saipan

When you travel to Saipan, you basically need to estimate the price from scenic spots, catering, accommodation and entertainment. Among them, the consumption of catering and accommodation accounts for the highest proportion. Saipan's catering is relatively expensive. A meal costs about 120 yuan. Friends who want to save can choose fast food, night market stalls and so on. Hotel accommodation is also a large amount of consumption, basically the price of the hotel The price is about 500-1000 yuan, and the star point is about 1000 yuan, which can be slightly controlled in hotel accommodation.

How much is a 7-day tour of Saipan, USA

According to the rough estimation of scenic spots, catering, accommodation and entertainment, it's about 1000-1500 dollars per person. After all, the cost of accommodation, catering and entertainment is quite large. However, it's recommended to carry 500 dollars in cash, because you can swipe your card locally, and a few stores can support wechat payment. Therefore, the amount of cash used will not be very large. For catering, you can go to the public to find group purchase discounts, which can save some money. In addition, the price of entertainment items is about 200-500, which can be selectively experienced.

Generally speaking, the consumption of traveling to Saipan is almost the same as that of the domestic popular tourist cities. Basically, six thousand or seven thousand yuan a week is enough. The cost of traveling is basically related to the quality of the journey.