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How to play Beihai tourism? Best arrangement for one day tour in Beihai

Beihai is not a strange place to talk about! In recent years, there have been countless tourists to visit BeiHai. Those who want to travel but don't find a destination can go to Beihai for fun. It's OK to arrange a day's time. How to arrange a day's tour in Beihai?

Beihai tourism arrangement recommendation

1. The sunset on Weizhou Island

The first place to go to Beihai must be Weizhou Island. You can watch the sea and play on water projects in Weizhou Island, but the most beautiful scenery is to watch the sunset. In the evening, choose a high stone on the sea and sit down, wait for the sun to set in the west, and enjoy the sunset on the sea.

2. Walking on the fine sand of the silver beach

The silver beach of Beihai is very big. It's definitely a place for you to enjoy yourself. The beach here is very long, the white sand here is very soft, the spray here is very soft, and the air here is very good. Choose a sunny day to take a walk in the silver beach, take off your shoes, step on the silver soft sand on the beach, and laugh and run freely in the sun and beside the sea.

3. Go shopping in Beihai old street

Now the old street is very busy. There are many local people shopping here. There are many consulates of western countries on both sides of the busy street. Chinese style private schools and Western style church nunneries are embellished in it, presenting a thriving scene. But now the old street, but quietly no life, the streets on both sides of only a mottled arcade is still watching that prosperous. Go there for a walk, to explore the memory of Beihai.

4. Taste the seafood of Beihai

The most beautiful thing in the trip is to taste the delicious food in addition to seeing the beautiful scenery. The journey without eating the delicious food is not complete at all. Beihai people not only love seafood for generations, but also are very good at making seafood. They know what kind of seafood is best eaten with what kind of cooking method. So, here, you can eat all kinds of strange and strange fish that you have never heard of, and you can also eat seafood meals made by frying, frying, stewing, boiling and other methods. Go to a seaside restaurant and enjoy yourself in the sea breeze.

How to arrange a one-day tour in Beihai? I've arranged some games for you. If you go to Beihai and don't know how to play, you can refer to them. These games are the right way to open up Beihai.