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How can I get to Yalong Bay, Sanya? How much is the ticket for Yalong Bay?

Sanya is the most famous tourist attraction in our country. Every year, many people visit Sanya, and the most important place to visit Sanya is Yalong Bay. So, how much is Sanya Yalong Bay scenic spot? How can I get to Yalong Bay scenic area in Sanya?

1. Sanya Yalong Bay scenic area grade: AAAA

2. Sanya Yalong Bay scenic spot ticket: Free

3. Sanya Yalong Bay opening hours: all day

4. Sanya Yalong Bay scenic area Tel:

Switchboard 0898-38219999, park 0898-38238888, hotel 0898-38219999

5. Sanya Yalong Bay scenic area address: near Liupan Road, Tiandu Town, Sanya City, Hainan Province

6. How to get to Yalong Bay scenic area in Sanya

(1) Sanya Yalong Bay self driving tour route:

① Starting from the urban area, drive along Yuya avenue through Dadonghai to Jiyang Town, then turn to Yalong Bay special highway to reach Yalong Bay Resort.

② From Yingbin Road through Jiyang town to Tianxia No.1 Bay Road (i.e. Yalong Bay Road), drive through Linyin road and enter Yalong Bay Resort.

(2) Sanya Yalong Bay bus line

With the construction of international tourism island, the traffic of Yalong Bay is increasingly developed. In particular, Sanya City, Sanya airport, Sanya railway station to Yalong Bay is particularly convenient. At the beginning of 2012, there were six new bus lines.

① Road 14: west station to Yalong Bay

② Road 24: Yalong Bay to Tianya Haijiao (52.4km, 52 stations)

③ Road 25: Yalong Bay to big and small Dongtian (75.2km, 65 stations)

④ No.27: Phoenix Airport to Yalong Bay

⑤ No.29: the first spring of Shenzhou passes through Yalong Bay and railway station to big and small Dongtian

7. Sanya Yalong Bay accommodation:

Yalong Bay has a number of first-class resort hotels in Sanya, with convenient accommodation conditions. The existing operating hotels are: Carlyle resort, Tianyu resort, Sheraton Hotel, holiday seascape hotel, Golden Palm Hotel, Global City Hotel, Tianhong resort, Cactus Resort, Zhiyuan resort garden, undersea world hotel, Marriott Hotel, Ruiji resort, etc.

8. Sanya Yalong Bay special food:

Hainan coconut rice, brown sugar rice cake, Hainan radish cake, coconut tarts, coconut juice Banlan cake, dog meat hot pot, Guilin rice noodles, black fish balls, braised plum ginseng, sweet and sour powder, chicken excrement and rattan Tangyuan, Miao tricolor rice, etc.