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What are the most beautiful natural landscapes in China? The most beautiful natural landscape in Chi

There are so many beautiful rivers and mountains in China. There are so many natural landscapes waiting for us to appreciate. The colorful caves, the majestic mountains and the murmuring waterfalls are all the wonders of nature. So, what are the natural landscapes in China? What do you think is the most beautiful natural landscape?

The Yellow Dragon Cave

Huanglong cave in Zhangjiajie is famous for its various shapes of stalactites, such as stalagmites, stone pillars, etc., and a 20 meter high "dinghaishen needle". Under the light, it is colorful, nearly 20 meters from the top to the bottom, and the smallest part in the middle is only 10 cm in diameter. With the rendering of colorful lights, the magic color will take away people's mind and spirit.

Lijiang River

The landscape of Guilin is like an ink and wash painting, and the Li River is the essence of Guilin Scenery. The Lijiang River is very large. We do not need to catch up with all the scenic spots within a day. Now that we are here, we might as well take a small boat and float quietly on the Lijiang River, looking for the tranquility of the Lijiang River between the green hills and green water. Listen to the fishing boat singing late, enjoy the sunset, sink to feel the scenery of Lijiang River.

Yunshan Ping

Located in Yulong Snow Mountain Scenic Area, yunshanping is a high mountain meadow on the hillside of the main peak of Yulong Snow Mountain, also known as "martyrdom Valley". It is said that it is the place where many young men and women died for love before. Here you can see the dense spruce trees, alpine meadows and Yulong Snow peak. The scenery is spectacular.


When you see the beauty of Namucuo, you will be shocked by it. It is regarded as a sacred place by many people of faith. The vast lake, the clouds floating on the blue-green lake, and the colorful prayer flags swaying in the wind. Such beauty, with too much holiness and purity, seems to have been overlooked by the gods who have not moved for thousands of years.

Tianshan Tianchi Lake

Tianchi, known as "yaochi", is a pearl of Xinjiang. The scenery is very beautiful. The clear lake water and the blue sky reflect each other very well. The towering mountains and verdant spruce seem to be the most perfect ornament, which quietly serves as the background of Tianchi. Because the water temperature is very low all year round, it is most suitable for summer.

If you want to talk about the natural landscapes in China, it's quite a lot, and you can't finish the inventory for a while. The above five famous natural landscapes are introduced to you. If you want to measure the land of your motherland with your feet, start to be ready.