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Is the peony in Wangcheng Park in bloom? What are the types of peonies in Wangcheng park?

Now it is the season when Luoyang peonies are in full bloom. Many people begin to visit and appreciate the peonies. As the first choice for tourists to appreciate flowers after arriving in Luoyang, Wangcheng park is naturally a place full of colorful flowers. Most importantly, when you feel tired, you can go to the park's "Peony poetry corridor" to have a rest and learn about the mood of the ancients when appreciating peonies. So, is the peony in Wangcheng Park blooming? What are the types of peony in Wangcheng park?

Wangcheng park is located on Zhongzhou middle road in the center of Luoyang, named after the site of Wangcheng in the Eastern Zhou Dynasty. It is the host of the first Peony Fair, the main venue of all previous peony fairs, and the largest zoo in western Henan. There are nine color lines of peony planted in the park, with a total of 858 varieties of more than 100000 plants, covering an area of 50000 square meters.

At present, the main flower viewing spots are concentrated near the Peony Fairy Statue, shaoletai and chenxianglou in the garden. Among them, Yao Huang, Erqiao, shouxianhong and other varieties that artificially regulate the flowering period have been opened, such as yingrihong, lotus green and so on. The peony varieties that are about to open belong to the natural flowering period.

According to the editor, in order to enrich the flower appreciation experience of tourists, Wangcheng park has also arranged a series of activities of "Emperor Wu's tour of flower appreciation". It's a pity to miss the start-up ceremony of April 1, and "Emperor Wu" will reappear on April 6, 13 and 20. At that time, "Emperor Wu" will lead the "hundred officials of culture and military" tour garden of flower appreciation ", which will attract many people to stop, maybe even more Can interact with "Emperor Wu" and say the beautiful scenery of spring.

New products

Jinli, Hongfen beauty, Ziyu, seven treasures of the world of mortals, crinkle leaf red, royal city of brocade, colorful brocade, Fangfei in April, and Jinyue brocade.

Exotic colors

More than 40 kinds of peonies cultivated by Wangcheng park are unique. The varieties include Jinxiu Jiudu, luonvzhuang, Luodu Chunyan, Zhaojun going to the fortress, purple butterfly, shy moon, heilou Cangjin, etc.

A new "Ziyun Tianxiang terrace" will be built in Wangcheng Park, where nine color peonies will be planted. Visitors can have a look at the "nine color peonies" here.

Activity arrangement: Peony Lantern Festival, night view of peony, exhibition and sale of peony souvenirs, large-scale square sitcom performance "welcome guests in Zhou Dynasty", the second "spring of the King City" flower arranging Art Festival, Hebei Cangzhou large-scale Acrobatic Circus Performance, large-scale new special animal Exhibition (giant panda, South China tiger, elephant, giraffe, hippo, Macaw, etc.).

By the way, the annual card of Wangcheng Park and the annual ticket of Luoyang Tourism can be used normally during the Peony Culture Festival. '

At the same time, before May 5, Wangcheng park will continue to implement the policy of 30 yuan for weekends and legal holidays, and 20 yuan for weekdays (including zoos). If there is enough time, it is also a good choice to stagger the peak flow of people in these days to enjoy flowers.