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Did the suspect catch the water accident on March 21? How many years will they be sentenced?

March 27 is the seventh sacrifice for the victims of the "3-middot; 21" explosion in Yancheng. At 7:30, a collective mourning activity was held in the eco chemical park of the county, and the victims of the accident were observed in silence. So far, 78 people have been killed. What is the cause of the accident? Why on earth do these people do this?

According to the investigation progress of the "3 & middot; 21" special major explosion accident investigation team of Jiangsu Xiangshui tianjiayi company and the investigation of the public security organ, on April 15, the public security organ took criminal compulsory measures against 17 suspects suspected of crimes of Jiangsu tianjiayi Chemical Co., Ltd. and the intermediary organization making false evaluation for the relevant projects of the company. Up to now, a total of 26 suspects have been subject to criminal coercive measures.

On March 21, 2019, Jiangsu Xiangshui tianjiayi chemical plant had a particularly serious explosion accident, which was caused by the explosion of benzene combustion in the storage warehouse of solid hazardous waste. According to the Information Office of Yancheng Municipal People's government, as of March 25, 78 people had been killed and 617 wounded had been admitted, including 21 seriously injured, 73 seriously injured and 523 slightly injured.