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Leshan Buddha closed his eyes and wept. What happened? The mystery behind the closed eyes of Leshan

People who like to go out and travel, I believe they are familiar with this scenic spot of Leshan. Leshan Giant Buddha is a very famous scenic spot in China, and it is also a special magical scenic spot. This statue of Maitreya Buddha is very huge, as high as 72 meters, which is the largest cliff stone sculpture in China. But you know what? It's said that something terrible happened here. It was a great sensation at that time, and it also had a great influence. So, what's the matter with Leshan Buddha's eyes closed? What is the cause of the event?

It's said that Leshan Buddha once closed his eyes. It sounds legendary. I don't know if you believe it. After all, everything is scientific now. And according to some records, every time Leshan Buddha tears, there will be some major events. The local people say that this is the manifestation of Leshan Buddha, doesn't it sound very effective? Moreover, these materials are specifically recorded.

Leshan Buddha closed his eyes in 1962. At that time, China also encountered three-year natural disasters once in a hundred years. We all know that many people died of hunger at that time. So the Buddha couldn't bear it, so he closed his eyes and even shed tears. By 1963, the disaster was still very serious. At that time, many people had died. At this time, the Leshan Buddha had closed his eyes again and shed tears.

In 1976, Leshan Giant Buddha also closed his eyes. It was in this year that the Tangshan earthquake occurred, and three leaders of our country died one after another. Sometimes when good things happen, the Buddha light will come down from the head of Leshan Buddha. For example, in 2000, when China won the Olympic bid, the phenomenon was very shocking. Maybe when you see here, you will ask if the Buddha is so magical? In fact, there are some scientific basis for the Buddha to close his eyes. This is a typical acid rain phenomenon, resulting in the black shell effect. Therefore, the blinds of the Buddha will gradually darken, and the surface layer will gradually fall off, thus causing people a visual error.

As we all know, during the period of the founding of the people's Republic of China, great efforts were made to develop industry, which led to serious environmental pollution. It is said that the industrial emissions at that time were very large, which led to the sustainability of acid rain exceeding the standard, which also caused the corrosion of Buddha statues to a certain extent. After all, things have improved, but these things are amazing, so most people think that they would rather believe it, so people are more willing to believe it. In fact, in a long time, these things can give people the impetus to move forward, which is commonly known as "belief". What do you think of it here?