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It's forbidden to take some things on the plane when traveling. Have you taken them?

Nowadays, many people like to travel. The fastest means of transportation at present is only by plane. Many people choose to fly in many times. At this time, you need to know something about flying, or you will delay the security check. So, what can't you take with you by plane?

What can't I bring with me by plane

1、 The volume of the limited carrying container of cosmetics shall not exceed 100ml, excluding shampoo and body wash.

2、 Details of lighter, knife, food, fruit, wine and beverage with strong smell: passengers on domestic flights can take liquid articles with single container volume not more than 100ml and total volume not more than 1000ml, except for flammable and explosive liquid articles prohibited by civil aviation laws and regulations. Alcohol items cannot be carried with you, but can be delivered as checked baggage.

3、 For alcohol products with alcohol content below 24 degrees (including 24 degrees), the transportation volume is not limited; for alcohol content between 24 degrees and 70 degrees (including), the total transportation volume shall not exceed 5 liters; for alcohol content above 70 degrees, the transportation shall not be handled. The packaging of alcohol articles shall comply with the relevant provisions of civil aviation transportation.

4、 Patients with diabetes or other diseases can take necessary liquid medicine for the flight, but they need to show the hospital certificate or doctor's prescription of their own name; passengers with babies are allowed to take liquid dairy products after safety inspection and confirmation.

5、 The passenger shall be responsible for the consequences such as missed flight caused by the violation of the above regulations. Definition of liquid goods: the definition of liquid goods is explained by the head of Tianjin Binhai International Airport: liquid goods include all liquids, paste, paste, gel and spray products.

For example, mineral water, beverages, soup and syrup, cream, skin care liquid, skin care oil, perfume, shaving foam and fragrance spray, toothpaste, contact lens solution, hair styling and gel products for bathing.

6、 It is forbidden for passengers to carry guns, military and police equipment, controlled knives, inflammable and explosive materials and toxic materials on board the aircraft.

Violators will be punished by civil aviation public security organs in accordance with China's civil security regulations; kitchen knives, scissors, razors and other daily necessities, surgical knives and other professional knives, as well as some sharp and blunt weapons that can be used to endanger aviation safety, are prohibited to carry with them, but they can be delivered as luggage; Some inflammable and explosive articles for daily use can be carried around in limited quantity, such as hair gel, mousse, collar cleaner, brightener, insecticide, air freshener, etc.

The perfume is limited to milliliters, and the daily necessities are limited to more than 1000 milliliters or 1 kilograms. The packaged liquor is limited to 1kg. What are the precautions when flying?

Precautions when flying

1. Be sure to go through the formalities half an hour before the plane takes off, so it's better to arrive at the airport in advance according to the situation, especially when there are many golden week, Spring Festival, etc. Some airports are very strict. If you don't let them do it when it's time, you can't let them do it. For example, Beijing airport.

2. If you like the window seat, you can ask the check-in staff to arrange a window seat for you when you change your boarding pass. Generally, there is no problem, unless you go late and the seat is arranged for someone else.

3. When checking luggage, some airports will charge an insurance fee of about 10 yuan, such as Fuzhou airport. If your luggage is unlocked, some airports will force you to pay 5 yuan for a small lock, such as Guangzhou airport.

4. It's better to put the fruit knife in the luggage, otherwise 90% may be confiscated. In addition, small animals can't be brought on the plane, and they need to have quarantine certificates for shipment, which is quite troublesome. Potted plants and flowers can be used.

5. The check-in voucher is usually pasted on the ticket. After arriving and taking out the baggage, there will be staff to check whether the check-in voucher corresponds to the label on the baggage. Be careful not to take someone else's and lose your own.

6. Flight delay or cancellation. Generally, as long as the plane is late, the airport will provide free drinks or meals during the meal time (it seems that the night is easier to be taken care of than the noon). If the plane at night says it can't fly that day, it depends. It is the reason for aircraft maintenance, flight deployment, etc. the airport will provide accommodation. Due to weather, emergencies, air traffic control and other reasons, tickets can only be refunded or changed. In this case, the airport does not care about food and accommodation.

7. Flight overbooking

It means that the number of tickets sold for a certain flight exceeds the number of seats. In order to protect their own revenue, almost every airline has a certain proportion of oversold phenomenon to ensure the use of flight seats. Foreign airlines generally control the proportion of overbooked tickets to about 3% of the sold tickets, while China stipulates that the overbooked tickets cannot exceed 5%.

You have to ask, isn't that why some people can't board the plane? Yes. In this case, the general practice of the airport is: first of all, look for volunteers among passengers to change to other flights. If you don't have enough volunteers, refuse to board. The airline will issue compensation certificate and supporting travel preferential plan for the passengers who voluntarily change flights; for the passengers who are refused to board, they will receive cash compensation. Of course, they can also request to provide round-trip ticket compensation certificate and corresponding travel preferential plan to replace cash compensation.

Once rejected, the passenger is entitled to claim compensation from the airline. The specific compensation will be handled immediately at the check-in counter, and an agreement will be signed to waive the right to trace the liability to the airline in the future.