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How long is Luoyang peony festival? Are foreign vehicles limited?

Located in the hinterland of the Central Plains, Henan is an important birthplace of Chinese civilization. It has rich tourism resources with profound historical and cultural characteristics. There are nearly 200 scenic spots above 4A level. Now it is the season of Luoyang Peony blooming, and many people begin to enjoy the flowers. Recently, Luoyang has announced the traffic restriction, so, is the traffic restriction for non local vehicles?

According to the analysis of big data of Gaode tourism, the top ten popular destinations in Henan Province during this year's Qingming holiday are predicted. Among them, Jiaozuo Yuntai Mountain, Qingming Shanghe Park, Songshan Shaolin scenic area, Longmen Grottoes and Wangcheng Park ranked top. In the list of the top ten hot destinations, Luoyang has five, accounting for half of them; in addition, Zhengzhou has two, Kaifeng, Jiaozuo and Zhumadian each.

Yuntai Mountain's ten thousand mu flower sea will bloom and travel in Qingming River Park

According to the guide, Yuntai Mountain, the top hot destination, has smooth roads around during the festival. In spring, Yuntai mountain will become a sea of flowers, more beautiful. According to the scenic spot, Yuntai Mountain in March and April is dotted with peach blossom. In addition, there are many Forsythia flowers, especially in dogwood peak. At a glance, the golden color will cover the whole mountain.

In addition to Yuntai Mountain, among the first three popular scenic spots, Qingming Shanghe garden is expected to be congested during the festival, even occasionally with serious congestion. According to the big traffic data from Gaud, it is estimated that the peak congestion will reach the peak in the morning and evening on the second day of Qingming (April 6), from 11:00 to 12:00, and from 18:00 to 19:00.

Located in Kaifeng, Qingming Shanghe park is a large-scale song folk custom amusement park built on the basis of Qingming Shanghe map, which focuses on the reproduction of the original scenery, and represents the Millennium prosperous scenery of Bianjing, the ancient capital. As a living picture of the Qingming River, the scenic spot has become more and more popular recently because the Forbidden City will show another picture of the Qingming River.

For this reason, relevant leaders of big data of Gaode transportation suggest that tourists can choose to go to the scenic spot on the first day of Qingming small long holiday when they travel at different peak, and it is suggested to consider entering the scenic spot during the relatively non congested period from 13 to 14. At the same time, because the surrounding parking lots are mostly located along the congested roads, it is recommended that tourists take the bus to go there; if driving, please pay attention to the traffic police's guidance information in time and go to the guidance point for parking.

Are foreign vehicles limited?

Bai Juyi wrote in "Peony fragrance": people in a city are crazy when flowers bloom and fall for 20 days. Luoyang Peony Culture Festival has been selected into the national intangible cultural heritage list, which is an annual event. Every April and may, it attracts tourists from all walks of life

The guide also takes Luoyang peony garden and national peony garden as examples, focusing on the analysis and prediction of traffic congestion around them. According to the data, it is expected that the basic roads of the national peony garden will be basically unblocked during the small and long holidays of Qingming Dynasty; the roads around Luoyang peony garden will be in a slow state, with occasional congestion. The roads around the scenic spot are seriously congested at 9-12 a.m. and 17-18 p.m.; among them, the congestion at 10-11 and 17-18 p.m. is the peak of early and late congestion.

According to the relevant person in charge of big data of Gaode map, it is expected that there will be congestion at the intersection of Wangcheng Avenue at that time, and there will be a short delay on the south side of Mudanyuan. It is suggested that tourists avoid Wangcheng Avenue and take a detour from airport road in the north to Guohua road to enter the scenic area.

According to the website of Luoyang Public Security Bureau, during the 2019 Luoyang Peony Culture Festival (April 5 to May 5), the restricted objects are the motor vehicles (including temporary license plate and vehicles with special license plate for new energy) in the city with Yuc license plate, which are subject to the restrictions from Monday to Friday, Saturday and Sunday; the vehicles with other license plates are not subject to restrictions.