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How can I get to Guanlin temple in Luoyang? What is the spirit of Guanlin temple?

Now it is the time of Luoyang Peony Fair, many domestic and foreign tourists go to Luoyang for tourism. If you want to visit Luoyang, you may as well go to this place. So, how can I go to Guanlin temple? What is the best thing to worship in Guanlin temple?

Luoyang Guanlin is one of the three major Guanmiao temples at home and abroad. It is the only ancient classical architectural complex with the integration of "tomb, temple and forest" in China. It is also a national AAAA level tourist attraction.

Guanlin, which was built in 1592, is one of the three cultural landscapes in Luoyang. Guanyu's head is buried in the temple, which is very fragrant. In the fifth year of Kangxi, Guanlin temple was granted the title of "the great emperor of Guansheng, a loyal and righteous God". It was called "Guanlin" at the beginning, so it was as famous as Qufu's "Konglin" and was honored as the first of the three great Guandi temples at home and abroad.

The architectural layout of Guanlin is built in accordance with the Imperial Palace, with a circular structure. Among them, the stone lion corridor built in Wanli years is known as one of the three wonders of Guanlin. There are 104 stone lions carved on 38 stone pillars with different postures and lifelike shapes, so it is also known as "Luoyang xiaolugou".

In the winter of 219 A.D., Guan Yu was killed when he was defeated in Mecheng. Sun Quan was afraid of Liu Bei's revenge and sent Guan Yu to Cao Cao in Luoyang. Cao Cao admired Guan Yu as a man. He planned to take the rites of the Marquis of Wang as Guan Yu's first rank, with the body of Chenxiang wood, buried 15 Li south of Luoyang City, and built a temple for sacrifice. So far, it has been more than 1790 years.

The hall of the God of wealth, built in the 20th year of Wanli in the Ming Dynasty, is one of the earliest temples in Guanlin temple. Inside the palace, there is a statue of the God of wealth, Guan Ping, standing on the left with a stick and a seal, and Zhou Cang, holding a broadsword, standing on the right.

The temple of wealth is also the most prosperous one in Guanlin. It is said that Guan Yu's first burial place is the place where Guan Gong's spirit and spirit gather most. Every day, a large number of believers come here to pray for a prosperous business and a prosperous fortune, all of which are very effective for Guan Gong.

Built in the 22nd year of Jiaqing (1817) in the Qing Dynasty, in front of the spring and autumn palace, there are two Qibai trees, Xuansheng and Jieyi, which are one of the three wonders of Guanlin. It is said that the cypress on the left side is the result of Guan Yu's hovering in the air, subduing the demons and subduing the demons. Over time, the cypress grows into this hovering shape.

Guanlin is the only ancient building in China, where the tomb, temple and forest are worshipped together. The first level of Guanyu is buried in Guanzhong behind Guanlin. For thousands of years, as the embodiment of loyalty and moral example, Guan Yu has been widely respected by the public. Every year, on September 29, there will be a grand ceremony of Guanlin international pilgrimage, attracting Chinese from home and abroad to pay a visit.

Qianqiujian, which was built in 1791, is a theater dedicated to the sacrifice of Guan Gong. Every year, on the 13th day of the first month, the 13th day of May and the 13th day of September of the lunar calendar, there are grand sacrificial activities in Guanlin. Many famous actors will also come to qianqiujian Theater to sing, but "walking wheat city" is absolutely impossible.

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