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Where is Weihai better to travel? Weihai tourist attractions

Tourism has become a better way to relax in today's society. Weihai is a beautiful coastal city. The whole city looks very quiet and tidy. It is also one of the most livable cities. The geographical position of the mountain and the sea makes the coastline of Weihai long. It is a good tourist destination to come here for vacation or food. So, where is Weihai in Shandong better to travel?

One day tour in Weihai

Liu Gong Island

This is the memorial site of the Sino Japanese war. You can visit the Sino Japanese War History Museum on the island, which is a very good patriotism education base. The island is lush with green trees and charming natural scenery. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the sea along the embankment around the island with the sea breeze. You can't bear to leave for a long time intoxicated by the sound of the sea waves.


Chengshantou is surrounded by the sea on three sides. Facing South Korea across the sea, it is also the first place to see the sunrise on the sea in Jiaodong Peninsula. The mountain here is very steep. You can see the peaks and the trees full of mountains. Under the cliff, the sea waves are billowing, the water flow is very fast, the waves are very big, and there is momentum. This place has been an ideal summer resort since ancient times.

Weihai Huaxia City

Weihai Huaxia city is adjacent to Weihai railway station in the East, which is a large-scale cultural scenic spot displaying oriental classical culture. In Huaxia City, you can enjoy the magnificent fountain performance of the sacred water Guanyin music, or stroll in the summer garden of the antique exhibition hall, which shows the essence of the north and South classical architectural elements. You can also watch wonderful acrobatics, horse wars and martial arts performances. In the evening, the large-scale landscape reality performance "the tour of heaven" must not be missed, and it will shake your heart.

Weihai International bathing beach

This is one of the most popular bathing places in Weihai. It is a natural bathing place. The sand is soft and clean, the sea water is clear, and the slope of the seaside is gentle. It is very suitable for swimming and playing. There are many entertainment items on the seaside. The best season to visit the bathing place is from May to October every year. When the summer is hottest, it becomes a summer paradise.

Weihai one-day tour must go to the scenic spots. If you go to these places in a day, it's almost the same. Arrange a reasonable schedule to connect these places. Weihai one-day tour is almost the same.