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Where to see Rhododendron in Luoyang? Luoyang's most beautiful azalea Resort

At the highest altitude in Luanchuan, I watched the Millennium Rhododendron. For this day, I have waited for many years. Intoxicated with the beauty of spring, the cloud dancing cuckoo is unique in the world. So, where can I go to see Rhododendron in Luoyang? When is the time to enjoy azalea?

The spring breeze and the Buddha are full of spring. On the top of the first peak cloud in the Central Plains of Longyu Bay, the thousand year old Rhododendron in the mountain can no longer bear the joy and is ready to bloom as promised. On April 13, 2019, the first cloud top Rhododendron festival in Longyu Bay will be opened in full bloom. The wild rhododendrons everywhere will be opened at an altitude of 2000 meters. They are as beautiful as clouds.

Just in time for the spring flowers and dances in the world, and for the cultural feast and carnival.

The first Rhododendron Festival at yuntop of Longyu Bay in 2019, as the first large-scale festival in the opening year of Longyu Bay tourism, not only can enjoy the beauty of Rhododendron in the west of the flowers in the sea of clouds, but also match with rich and colorful cultural and entertainment activities, highlight the cultural theme atmosphere of Rhododendron, with distinctive features, covering ecological tourism, folk culture, health and other aspects, and pay more attention to culture, interaction and Experience.

Since April 13, the five theme activities have been launched continuously. Every week is a new feeling, and every week has a new pattern. The visual feast of cultural feast lasts for 30 days.

On the day of the opening ceremony, there were also colorful program interactions, mysterious big guys, surprise awards, and endless singing and dancing. This spring, come to Longyu Bay, enjoy the spring!

This Rhododendron Festival is hosted by Longyu Bay scenic area of Luanchuan, Luoyang, to create a colorful visual feast of spring day and a song of relaxing body and mind. Ascend the first peak of Central Plains and enjoy the azalea sea on the top of clouds. The pink petals of the thousand year old Rhododendron Rhododendron in Longyu Bay are like the shy cheeks of a girl, and the red petals are like the hot lips. When the spring wind blows in honglongyu Bay, it will be like a fairyland in a dream. How can the word "beauty" be achieved? Wild Rhododendron in the mountains, blooming for thousands of years, is even more rare. What are you waiting for? Take a camera and take photos first!

Where to find Fangfei in spring? Spring is in Longyu Bay. Red azaleas, white clouds, emerald mountains and looming villages, all of which form a beautiful picture of natural scenery. Climb the first peak of Central Plains, walk on the top of clouds, enjoy the spring, see the blooming azaleas, enjoy the pleasure of stepping on the floating clouds, see the smiling faces of tourists flying, and see the matching of human colors, which is the most beautiful scenery in the spring of the world. Longyu Bay invites guests with flowers as media: invite you to Longyu Bay, let you linger!

Splendid flower sea, natural landscape, folk activities, delicious food, interesting interaction, multiple good gifts, do not bear the spring Dynasty, just come to Longyu bay! Pinmanshan azalea is intoxicating. Explore the first high glass plank road in the Central Plains, find the forest oxygen bar and take a deep breath. Play nine songs of clear water and feel relaxed. Enjoy the elegant cultural spirit feast, watch wonderful performances and relax your body and mind. You can't stop winning the surprise prize & hellip; & hellip; sing in the flower sea and enjoy the spring Dynasty in the mountains and rivers. On April 13, about three or five confidants, we will go to Yunding Rhododendron sea in Longyu Bay. We will wait for you in Longyu bay!

Where to find the most beautiful flower sea, the most complete route for you.

Time: March 27, 2019 to May 10, 2019

Self driving tour route:

Zhengzhou (Zhengzhou shaoluo Expressway) & rarr; Luoyang (Luoyang Luan Expressway) & rarr; Luanchuan (s249) & rarr; Miaozi & rarr; Longyuwan

Pingdingshan (Zhengyao Expressway) & rarr; Lushan Yaoshan Village (G311) & rarr; Che Village & rarr; Miaozi & rarr; Longyu Bay

Nanyang (Shanghai Shaanxi Expressway) & rarr; Xixia (G311) & rarr; Kafang Village & rarr; Longyu Bay

In addition, the major travel agencies have also launched a Rhododendron special line in Longyu Bay. For details, please consult the major travel agencies.

Flower appreciation hotline: 0379-66669112