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Why is the gap between 5A level scenic spots so large? The reason why no one pays attention to Maosh

In recent years, with the rapid development of transportation in our country, more and more people will choose tourism to relax themselves. China has a vast territory, vast land, rich resources and many beautiful sceneries. There are many 5A scenic spots in China. However, there will be some scenic spots full of people and some scenic spots without people's attention. What's the matter?

With the development of local tourism and the integration of a large number of tourists, the local economic development is also driven, but at the same time, there are also some problems, which bring a lot of traffic and population pressure to the local area and lose the original tourism characteristics. In particular, some famous 5A scenic spots are becoming more and more commercialized with high prices, which make people go there once rather than twice.

Today Xiaobian to introduce this scenic area is even more powerful, mountain separate charges, is also a 'two toll' 5A scenic area, but also by tourists Tucao. This famous scenic spot is located in Maoshan, Jiangsu Province. Many tourists have encountered the situation of "second charge" when they come here. In fact, the reason is that the area of this scenic spot is very large, reaching more than 50 square kilometers, with a special geographical location, and even crossing Zhenjiang and Changzhou. Therefore, this famous 5A scenic spot has a great impact on the local tourism industry, and two cities are engaged in the scramble. Therefore, it is divided into two scenic spots, namely, Jurong scenic spot in Zhenjiang and Jintan scenic spot in Changzhou.

This means that if tourists want to come here to travel, they can also buy two tickets. Although the ticket price is not very high, it also makes tourists feel uncomfortable, because no one wants to pay two times, so they are also attracted by tourists. It also indicates that this scenic spot is the most outrageous scenic spot in China. Originally, it was very tired to climb the mountain, but it still had to pay for the second time, which also made people feel very bad. It is the beautiful scenery of this scenic spot. If it is not the problem of the second time charge, it should also attract a large number of tourists to come here for sightseeing.

Because Maoshan is also the birthplace of the Taoist School of Shangqing in China. You must have seen some movie and TV stories, which makes people wonder. Are these Taoists so powerful? Of course, some of the plots are also exaggerated. But the Shangqing school is also legendary, so it is also known as a famous Taoist holy land, so this place is also very quiet, suitable for Taoist Qingxiu, and will not be disturbed when you can travel here. At the same time, Maoshan is also a famous scenic spot in China. It has a profound culture. Coming here can not only satisfy the inner trust, but also appreciate the beauty of nature, which is also very good.

China's 5A scenic spot 'two charges', tourists Tucao, tourists: do not want to go second times. If we can solve the problem of "second charge", we believe that more tourists will come here in the future. I don't know what you think about this scenic spot, do you want to come here?