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What are the Dunhuang specialties? Dunhuang Tourism must buy list

Dunhuang is located at the westernmost end of Hexi Corridor, which is the only channel from the Central Plains to the western regions and even Europe. It is a famous and important town on the ancient Silk Road. Dunhuang in history is a stage for the distribution of ethnic groups in the western regions, such as cypress, Yueshi, Wusun, Xiongnu, etc. it is also a place where Eastern and Western cultures converge. So, what must I buy to go to Dunhuang?

Shopping overview

Dunhuang's products are mainly melons and fruits and crafts full of 'western customs'.

Dunhuang has been known as "Guazhou" since ancient times. The climate here is suitable for all kinds of fruits. Dunhuang's main fruit specialties include Li Guangxing, Mingshan jujube, Yellow River melon, Yangguan grape, etc., as well as all kinds of preserved fruits and dried fruits, which are suitable for people to accompany.

Li Guang Xing

Li Guangxing is one of the most famous specialties in Dunhuang. Thanks to the local climate and geographical conditions, it is famous for its delicious taste. Its name comes from the legend of "flying general" Li Guang in the Western Han Dynasty.

Li Guang apricot is mature from June to July every year, with golden color, thick meat, sweet taste and juicy taste. It is the raw material for making apricot skin water. In addition, there are related canned, dried apricot, preserved apricot, apricot jam, apricot wine, pastry, candy can be purchased.

During the season, Li Guangxing can be purchased everywhere in Dunhuang, among which the price of Shazhou market where tourists gather is relatively expensive, about 12 yuan / Jin; the price outside the market is about 7 yuan / Jin.

Luminous cup

Wang Han, a poet of Tang Dynasty, is famous for his poems. The luminous cup is a kind of precious drinking utensil made of jade. When the wine is put in the cup and in the moonlight, the body of the cup will shine. Because it is convenient to carry, the luminous cup is also suitable for souvenirs.

Dunhuang's luminous cup is made of Qilian Mountain's old mountain jade, new mountain jade and river jade. It has brilliant colors, such as green, goose yellow and sheepskin white. It is full of western customs.

The luminous cup factory, not far from Shazhou night market, is a good place to buy luminous cups. The luminous cups sold there are of good quality and low price, all of which have certificates. From small to large, from low-end to high-end, different uses have different prices. In addition, souvenir shopping malls such as Shazhou night market, Feitian shopping mall and friendship store can be bought.

Mingshan jujube

Mingshan jujube is named because it is produced at the foot of Mingsha mountain. Dunhuang's advantageous climate makes the jujube body and flesh produced here thick, fresh and sweet, with high sugar content.

Mingshan jujube is rich in nutrition, which is a good tonic for autumn and winter. The harvest period is September. At this time, it is the most appropriate time to purchase dates in Dunhuang.

There is also a kind of jiuzao with unique flavor in Dunhuang. The high-quality Mingshan jujube is used as the raw material, which is sealed in the jar and eaten in the spring next year. The jujube with strong wine flavor is mellow and fragrant.

Dunhuang popular shopping place

There are not many shopping places in Dunhuang, most of which are around the statue of the rebounding Pipa in the center of the city. You can buy all kinds of souvenirs related to Dunhuang. The most convenient place to shop is Shazhou market.


1. July is the most delicious time for Dunhuang fruits and melons. We can't miss li Guangxing, Yangguan grapes and Dunhuang melons.

2. Shazhou market next to the newly built Antique Commercial Street, there are many boutiques, similar to Dunhuang carpets and other high-quality goods can be purchased here, the quality is guaranteed.