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May Day holiday traffic policy out of the oven to see these no longer need to worry about travel!

This year's May Day holiday, after many adjustments, has finally changed from the original day to four days. Now many people have started the plan of travel and outing. Many people like to travel and visit their relatives on May Day holiday. So, in the face of the coming small and long vacation, what policies will the transportation department introduce?

In order to meet the travel needs of passengers during the May Day holiday, the railway department will increase the investment of transport capacity resources, optimize the train operation scheme, and add tourism trains, so that passengers can travel more conveniently, quickly and have a better experience. From April 30 to May 4, the national railway is expected to send 68.2 million passengers, a year-on-year increase of 6.73 million, with an average of 13.64 million passengers per day, an increase of 10.9%.

According to the head of relevant departments of China Railway Corporation, with the operation of high-speed rail network in China, more and more tourist cities have access to high-speed rail, "high-speed rail Tour" is becoming a new fashion. This year's May Day holiday is adjusted to four days, which will stimulate the enthusiasm of tourists to travel and effectively drive the growth of railway passenger flow. The railway department adheres to the passenger demand orientation, further optimizes the train operation scheme, and dynamically allocates the transportation capacity according to the "one day, one figure", so as to maximize the convenience for passengers to travel on holidays. On the basis of the adjustment of the operation chart on April 10 and the increase of 102.5 pairs of passenger trains, during the May Day holiday, the national railway further opened 539 pairs of EMUs and 156.5 pairs of ordinary speed trains.

According to the person in charge, the railway department will give full play to the role of the newly opened Chengde Shenyang section of Beijing Harbin high speed railway, hanghuang high speed railway, Jiqing high speed railway, huaiheng railway and other new lines at the end of last year to increase the number of EMUs; take passenger demand as the guide, make full use of the potential of excavators and vehicles, and maximize the transport capacity; increase the proportion of EMUs in key sections and hot directions, and increase the number of EMUs Open night high-speed train. Local railway departments also arrange 34 pairs of direct tourist trains between some large and medium-sized cities and tourist cities such as Zhangjiajie, Wuyishan, Jinggangshan, Guilin, Yinchuan, Dunhuang, etc., elaborately designing various characteristic travel routes to help tourists travel conveniently.

According to the person in charge, the railway department will continue to consolidate the achievements of the "toilet revolution" of station cars, deeply implement the "unblocking project" of stations, strengthen the support services for key passengers such as the elderly, the young, the sick, the disabled and the pregnant, continuously optimize the basic services such as catering, water supply and cleaning, further improve the safety, guidance and service signs of station cars, optimize the passenger boarding and landing organization, promote the self-service real name system to verify the gate, and improve the safety inspection efficiency Reduce the waiting time in line and make the travel more convenient