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When is the Rhododendron festival in Ruyang? Where is the venue of Ruyang azalea Festival?

Recently, the 18th Henan Ruyang Rhododendron Festival and Yanhuang Culture Festival Zhengzhou promotion meeting was held in Zhengzhou. Dozens of media and travel agencies arrived at the invitation. Relevant departments of Ruyang County focused on the charm of Ruyang tourism, and highlighted the highlights of this Rhododendron Festival, effectively promoted the "drunk beautiful Ruyang" tourism brand, and sent out a warm invitation to the majority of tourists. So, where is the best place to play azalea Festival? What are the activities of Rhododendron Festival?

There are enough highlights, many discounts, and surprises at the promotion meeting

At the promotion meeting, the national 4A scenic spot in Ruyang -- Xitai mountain scenic spot, Dinosaur Valley rafting and national 3A scenic spot -- Longyin scenic spot and Ruyang Dinosaur National Geopark introduced the tourism highlights of the scenic spot, and Dukang ancient town, zhongnongfuyuan ecological park and other scenic spots expressed that they would push out a series of preferential activities to give back to the tourists. More than ten tourism commodities of Ruyang made a wonderful appearance. Among them, the special products of Ruyang, such as Ruyang Dukang wine, Ruyang sweet potato products, Duzhong tea and Luria, which have been very popular with tourists for a long time, were also widely praised by the participants at the promotion meeting.

Beautiful scenery, azalea and Ruyang

Ruyang is rich in tourism resources and rich in cultural heritage. It has many unique tourism resources, such as Dukang, jiuzu, Yunmeng Guigu, Wanqing Rhododendron, natural yellow colossus and so on. Every spring, the rhododendrons in Xitai mountain scenic area are blooming for the second time, which seems to cover the towering mountains with brilliant clouds and brocades, which is very beautiful. Up to this year, the grand Rhododendron festival in Xitai mountain scenic spot has been successfully held for 17 consecutive sessions, calling for the slogan of "look at peonies in Luoyang, enjoy Rhododendron in Ruyang". Xitai mountain scenic spot has also become an oral preferred place for tourists to enjoy flowers.

This Rhododendron Festival and Yanhuang Culture Festival will be held from April 20 to May 10, 2019 in Xitai mountain scenic area of Ruyang County. On the morning of April 20, a grand opening ceremony will be held in Yanhuang square of Xitai mountain of Ruyang County, and wonderful artistic performances will kick off the flower appreciation. Different from the previous ones, with the steady progress of the establishment of the national 5A level scenic spot, the supporting services of the West Taishan Scenic Spot continue to improve. This Rhododendron Festival and Yanhuang Cultural Festival has a larger scale, higher level and better service, and will inject more Ruyang cultural elements dominated by the West Taishan Yanhuang Culture, so as to enrich the tourist experience.

There are many activities and products, and the brand of "drunk beauty Ruyang" is famous

At present, various key activities of this Rhododendron Festival and Yanhuang Culture Festival are under active preparation, and will successively carry out tourism promotion conferences in Zhengzhou, Luoyang and Pingdingshan, the opening ceremony of the 18th Henan Ruyang Rhododendron Festival and Yanhuang Culture Festival, and the 2019 'Zui Mei Ruyang' self driving tour rally, inviting well-known media from inside and outside the province to participate in the whole process, and one hundred media from across the country will enter Ru in 2019 A series of wonderful activities, such as Yang 'wind gathering activity, 2019' national top 100 photographers' focusing on Ruyang wind gathering activity, 2019 'Drunken Beauty Ruyang' tourism commodity exhibition, and Zhongnong Fuyuan Huayang lantern show, have many highlights and are worth looking forward to.

It is worth mentioning that the "Zui Mei Ruyang" tourism commodities exhibition will be held at the same time during the festival. At that time, a series of Ruyang featured tourism products, such as Dukang wine, plum blossom jade, Duzhong tea, cypress pillow, grandma's sachet, Mahua in the story shop of Longxiang, figs from Heluo people's family, dry products of Ruyang Denong Xianggu mushroom, Hengxi agricultural green shell eggs, handmade cloth shoes of lezu shoes industry, will be exhibited and sold.