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How long is the cherry blossom period in Yuyuantan Park? Essential strategies for appreciating cherr

The 31st Cherry Blossom Festival in Yuyuantan Park will officially open. More than 3000 cherry trees will enter the viewing period one after another, and the early, middle and late cherry trees will come to the stage for the next time, which is expected to last for one month. So, when is the cherry blossom season in Beijing Yuyuantan Park? What is the necessary knowledge of Yuyuantan Park?

When is the cherry blossom season in Beijing Yuyuantan Park

On March 19, the 31st Cherry Blossom Festival will be held in Beijing Yuyuantan Park. In addition to cherry blossom, there are nearly 100 kinds of spring flowers in the park, such as peach blossom, plum blossom, elm blossom, etc., which are blooming one after another. The whole spring is wandering in the ocean of flowers.

Cherry blossom period: March 19 to early May

Tips for Cherry Blossom tourism in Yuyuantan Park:

Tip 1:

During the 31st Cherry Blossom cultural activity and lubing flower joint exhibition, the full price ticket is 10 yuan / person time, the half price ticket is 5 yuan / person time, the annual ticket, season ticket, monthly ticket, Beijing Tong pension disability card are valid from Monday to Friday, and the double rest day and Qingming holiday (April 5, 6, 7) are invalid from 9:00 a.m. to 16:00 p.m. During the May 1st period, the relevant fare regulations will be followed.

Tip two:

In spring, there are many cherry watchers, especially in the 7 peak days from the end of March to the first and middle of April. Due to the current limitation of 190000 tourists per day, it is recommended that tourists make an appointment to purchase tickets in advance and save the QR code obtained by purchasing tickets on screen immediately, so as to facilitate quick code scanning in the gate area and enter the park. Please arrange the online ticket booking in advance to ensure the tour time.

Tip three:

According to the statistics and analysis of tourists in previous years, the peak time for tourists to enter the park is 9:30-11:00 in the morning and 14:00-15:30 in the afternoon during the weekend and the Qingming small and long holiday. There are more than 50 bus lines around the park to reach the park. The traffic is very convenient and the parking space is tight. It is recommended that the majority of tourists choose to travel from Monday to Friday to enjoy the flowers, and try to avoid peak hours on weekends and Qingming small and long holidays, and take public transport green travel, wrong time and wrong peak travel.

Tip four:

Because cherry blossoms are different and add flowers to the end of May, the park will send cherry blossoms, lupus flowers and other spring flowers in a timely manner through the micro-blog and WeChat public numbers, such as cherry blossom Raiders, recommended varieties and flower viewing lines. Visitors are invited to pay attention to micro-blog and WeChat in yuyutan Park, Beijing, so as to find out flowers and choose their favorite flowers. Travel.

Tip five:

&#The cherry blossom in Yuyuantan Park is a landscape that has been cultivated and guarded by several generations of gardeners. It is not easy to see the cherry blossom in bloom. The park reminds the tourists to keep a distance when enjoying the flowers and sceneries, not to take pictures, shake trees, break flowers and trees, climb trees, line up in an orderly manner, put garbage in the bin, enjoy flowers in a civilized way and visit the park in a civilized way. At the same time, the park also calls on tourists to dissuade in time when they find uncivilized behaviors around them, to jointly maintain the civilized image of the capital, and to create a good garden environment and orderly garden atmosphere.