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Which district is Baima temple located in Luoyang? The historical origin of Baima Temple

Speaking of Baima temple, we should all be familiar with it! White Horse Temple can be said to be very famous in the country, many people will come to Luoyang for tourism, and Luoyang is also a city suitable for tourism. Where is the specific address of Baima temple? What are the interesting places in Baima temple?

Luoyang Ancient Yuzhou is located in the south of the Yellow River. Because it is located in the Luohe River, it is also called Luoyang. Luoyang has a cultural history of 5000 years. It is the capital city of the Kingdom at all times and at home and abroad, and the most important place for economic and trade tourism. It has a long cultural history and a vast cultural guarantee. It is a bright star in Chinese history and culture. Speaking of the beautiful scenery of Luoyang, in addition to the peony flowers all over the mountains, there are famous Longtan Mountain Grand Canyon, Laojun Mountain, Longmen Grottoes & hellip; & hellip; and today I want to talk with you about a temple with a long history: Baima temple.

Baima temple is located in the east of Luoyang, a suburb. Founded in the 11th year of Yongping in the Eastern Han Dynasty, it is known as the first ancient temple in China. It is the first Buddhist temple built after Buddhism was introduced into China. Its history dates back to the Eastern Han Dynasty. It is said that emperor Hanming slept at night and dreamed of a huge golden man flying from the West. Flying around in the palace, the next day, Emperor Ming told this strange thing to all the officials of civil and military. Minister Fu Yi said: This is the God believed in in in the West. It's called Buddha. As your majesty dreamed, it's auspicious omen. After hearing this, Emperor Ming of the Han Dynasty sent his ministers to the western regions to pray for Buddhism and scriptures, which brought Buddhism into China.

As the first Buddhist temple, Baima temple was naturally protected by the emperor. It took several years to build the now civilized White Horse Temple by sending the most powerful craftsmen in China to work overnight.

The structure of Baima temple is the same as that of most temples today. After climbing up the high mountain gate, it is the gate of Baima temple. In the book, there are three gilded and thick ink characters: White Horse Temple, which looks very dignified. Just entering the main gate, it is the Buddha Hall. There are four heavenly kings, Bodhisattva, Avalokitesvara, eighteen Arhats and so on. There are hundreds of them in the Buddha Hall. Incense offerings are placed in front of each Buddha statue. There are eminent monks. Tourists here dare not speak loudly for fear of colliding with the Buddha. The pilgrims hold their breath and concentrate. They have words in their mouths. Praying for peace at home or marriage. After praying, kowtow and offer incense, very devout.

After visiting the Buddhist temple, the bell and Drum Tower is the place to go. The bell and Drum Tower of Baima temple is called one of the Eight Sights of Luoyang. Although it was not built in the Han Dynasty, it was built by the modern Japanese who donated 4 million yuan. After visiting the Buddhist temple, it's late, looking at the sunset in the distance. Just as the thoughts were turning, suddenly a melodious bell came from Baima temple. Are you saying goodbye? Still missing. The six roots of Buddhism are clean and see through the world of mortals. In the melodious bell, the night has come.

If you have time, you may as well visit the Sutra Pavilion. The Sutra Pavilion of Baima temple is very large, because at that time, when Buddhism was just introduced, countless miraculous Sutras were placed in Baima temple. Although what I see now are sutras that have been collected by SA, when I go there, I feel as if I'm going through them. You seem to see the noon sun pouring into the Sutra pavilion through the window, and countless monks quietly look at the sutras and stay out of the world of mortals. Cut off thousands of trouble silk, a smile to see all the people of the world.

Fleeting, a thousand years. A thousand years have passed, from the white horse carrying scriptures to the present plane transportation. The times are changing too fast. In this rush time, everyone should stop and have a good look at themselves. Think about the meaning of living. It's better to live a life without thinking.