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How much is the ticket to the Louvre? Who in the Louvre is free?

Nowadays, many people like to travel abroad. At the same time, traveling abroad has become a new fashion. The Louvre is the first of the four museums in the world and the most precious building in the French Renaissance. There are many classical paintings and sculptures in it. Every year, many tourists come to visit this world-famous art palace. How much is the admission fee of the Louvre?

How much is the ticket to the Louvre

There are three 'treasures of the museum' in the Louvre, namely the statue of Venus with broken arms, the painting of Mona Lisa and the stone carving of the goddess of victory. Of course, these three treasures are not the only ones worth visiting, with a collection of up to 400000. You can also enjoy those classic works with a short reputation but no less charming. The Louvre is not only rich in exhibits, but also precious An outstanding art building, there are many tourists queuing up to enter the Louvre in the peak season.

Tickets for the Louvre are 15 euros, free for dulley garden, 7 euros for the Art Museum of ORREN & middot; Delacroix. Children, under 18 years old, and young people living in European Economic Zone countries under 26 years old can enter the museum free of charge throughout the year. Online tickets can be quickly entered within 30 minutes. From January 2019, the first Saturday night of each month

From 18:00 to 21:45, the museum is open for night visits. Every July 14, French National Day is open to all tourists free of charge. The free daily passenger flow is large, so we should prepare for it.

The relevant information of Louvre tickets and children's tickets will be introduced here. The Louvre only supports Euro payment when buying tickets in cash, and bank credit card payment when selling ticket machines. Please pay attention to this.