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Is Songshan one of the five mountains interesting? How much is the ticket for Songshan tour?

Songshan Mountain is located in Dengfeng, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province. It is one of the five famous mountains in China. It is also a famous Buddhist holy land in China. The whole scenic area is very large. It is composed of Shaolin Temple, Songyang academy and Zhongyue temple. Friends who go to play must arrange their time. How can Songshan play reasonably?

How to play song mountain

One day tour schedule

Shaolin Temple is the core scenic spot of Songshan mountain. Many tourists who don't have enough time come to Songshan are coming to Shaolin Temple, so it's enough to arrange a day. In the morning, you can visit the whole building of Shaolin Temple and pray for blessings. Then you can go to talin to have a look. After lunch, you can go to the martial arts museum to watch the Shaolin Kung Fu performance. After watching the performance, you can take the cableway to Sanhuang village, and then Today's trip is over.

Two day tour schedule

If you have two days enough time, you can visit the core scenic area of Songshan mountain. On the first day, you can visit Shaolin Temple in depth. At night, you can see the live play performance of Zen Shaolin music ceremony. You can also taste the Suzhai of Shaolin Temple. The Suzhai hall is called "happy place". On the second day, you can go to Songyang academy and Zhongyue scenic area, which are far away from Dengfeng City. In the morning, you can go to Yueyang book Yuan, I'm going to Zhongyue in the afternoon. It's just a good trip.

Song Mountain Tour introduction


Take bus No.1, 2, 3, 6, 8 and 9 in Dengfeng to the scenic spot

Admission ticket

Shaolin Temple scenic spot: 100 yuan; Songshan (Taishi mountain): 80 yuan; Zhongyue Temple: 80 yuan (Monday Sunday, January 1-december 31)

Housing strategy

For a day's stay in Songshan, it's a good choice to live in Dengfeng City at the foot of the mountain. It's convenient to travel from the city to the three scenic spots of Songshan mountain. There are also some rural hotels and inns around Shaolin Temple, but it is far away from the other two scenic spots, and the supporting facilities are not as good as the urban area. If it is not in a hurry, it is not recommended to stay here.

Food strategy

The restaurants in Songshan are mainly located at the foot of the mountain. There are few restaurants in the scenic area. Since you want to visit Shaolin Temple, don't miss the vegetarian restaurant. The vegetarian restaurant in Shaolin Temple is called "happy place". You can try it.

To solve the problem of how to play in Song Mountain, Xiaobian has made the schedule of one-day tour and two-day tour for you respectively. You can choose according to your own choice. And the tour strategy of Song Mountain has also been introduced to you in detail. With this strategy, it's enough.