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When is the best time to go to Xinjiang? The best travel time in Xinjiang

There are more than grapes and beauties in Xinjiang. There are many beautiful scenery, only when you really go to Xinjiang, can you experience the mystery of Xinjiang and the magic of the scenery. Because of the different climate of the four seasons in one year, the four seasons in Xinjiang are worth seeing. The scenery of the four seasons in Xinjiang is different. So when is the best time to travel to Xinjiang?

Month scenery recommendation

January February: Hemu snow village, Kanas snow village, Kashi in South Xinjiang, and mostag glacier. At this time, Xinjiang people have little scenery and beautiful scenery.

March April: pay attention, spring is coming in Xinjiang. This is a good time to watch apricot flowers. The time of apricot flower in Tashkurgan county (Datong Township, Bandier township), Nalati Apricot Flower Valley... The time of apricot flower varies from year to year, subject to the specific notice.

May: summer begins in southern Xinjiang and spring in Northern Xinjiang. Kanas is not yet in spring, we have to wait for the grass to turn green. At this time, you can see the flowers blooming in Ili. According to the different florescence, the scenery is also different.

June August: Xinjiang is fully open, which is a great opportunity to enjoy the lavender field and rape flower sea; and the Oriental Swiss landscape composed of grassland, lake and snow mountain will also be the best in the period.

September: don't go to Ili at this time. Once the grassland in Ili is yellow, it's not so beautiful. The main scenic spots are Kanas and southern Xinjiang. The popular autumn scenery of Kanas began to enter the state. The fairyland composed of golden birch forest and Tuwa family's cooking smoke is the preferred paradise for photographers.

October: birch forest in Kanas and Populus euphratica in South Xinjiang.

November December: this time is also waiting for you by the snow, think about the feeling of rolling in the snow!

So generally speaking, July to September is the best travel time in Northern Xinjiang; August to October is the best travel time in southern Xinjiang.