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Why do you think it's good to bring fire to Suzhou? What are the good places to take pictures in Suz

"Everything is good" is an urban emotional drama directed by Jane chuanchen, starred by Yao Chen and Ni Dahong, and starred by Guo Jingfei, Yang Youning, Li Nian, Gao Xin, Gao Lu, Zhang Chengguang, Wang Dong and Peng Yuchang. After the broadcast of the play, not only the actors were angry again, but also the beautiful scenery of Suzhou. So, what are the beautiful sceneries in Suzhou?

Haneryuan Teahouse

Shi Tiandong's "meat eater" is the han'er garden in Daru lane, Pingjiang street, Gusu district. Only the exterior and front yard of hall garden are taken in the TV play, and the interior of the restaurant is taken in the studio. In real life, this is a typical Soviet style courtyard, mainly engaged in tea, very quiet, vegetarian meal time, there are often Pingtan teachers here to sing ditty. You can go to have a little tea and listen to Pingtan on weekdays. There is a traditional 'Suzhou flavor' here. Address: No.64, Pingjiang Road

Transportation: get off at xiangmen station of Metro Line 1 and walk north from the south entrance of Pingjiang Road


Sujia mansion, where Mingyu grew up, was shot in tongdelhi, not far from Pingjiang road. It was the site of Mulan hall after the county government in the old days. Du Yuesheng once built a house here for rent, an old alley with the flavor of the Republic of China.

Admission: free address: South Gate of Gusu District, tongdelhi (wu30 Road, Ganjiang Road intersection traffic: Metro Line 1 or line 4, get off at Exit 5 of leqiao station, walk 360 meters east

Mingyuewan ancient village

Mingyuewan ancient village is a small village on Xishan island in Suzhou. It is also the place where Mingyu and Xiaoshi go on holiday in the TV play "everything is fine". It is near Taihu Lake in the south, with the back of Qingshan mountain. The terrain is like a hook of Mingyue, so it gets its name. According to the Suzhou chronicles, the Moon Bay is where the king of Wu plays the moon. "Minggaoshi once chanted" Mingyue is everywhere. It has a preference here! 'it's named for the moon and beautiful for the moon

Admission: 50 yuan transportation: get off at Mudu station of Metro Line 1, take bus no.691 to Jintang transfer hub station, then take bus no.694 to mingyuewan ancient village station

Gongshan Island tea garden: tea garden of Mingyu holiday

Admission: 60 yuan transportation: transfer from Mudu station of Metro Line 1 to Wuxiang station of express line 11

Taste Shantang Pingtan bookstore:

Where Su Daqiang listens to Pingtan

Transportation: get off at Shantang Street Station of Metro Line 2

Panmen scenic area:

Pass in a flash in the first episode ticket: 32 yuan transportation: get off at Nanmen station of Metro Line 4, walk 1.2km

Su Mingzhe's location in the United States is also in Suzhou, but that place can only be booked in and closed to the outside world, so Xiaobian won't write for you. Su Daqiang, who is the creator of heaven and earth, has set the play on fire. Let's go and punch in these places together.