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What's the matter with the simultaneous fire in Liangshan Prefecture, Sichuan Province? The cause of

According to the latest news, the reporter learned from the Information Office of Liangshan Prefecture Government of Sichuan province that on the 7th, in addition to the forest fire in Muli, Yuexi County and Mianning County also suffered from forest fire, and the fire fighting work is in progress. What's going on this time? Why do three places catch fire at the same time?

According to the report of the front-line headquarters of Muli forest fire, by 19:00 p.m. on the 7th, the forest fire in lier village, Yalongjiang town had resumed, with an area of about 7 hectares. At present, the wind speed in the fire site is relatively fast. To ensure safety, all fire fighters are evacuated to the safety zone near the fire site for rest. At present, 3 helicopters have been dispatched for 5 flights, 17 buckets of water have been sprinkled with 68.6 tons, and more than 350 firefighters have been put in to put out the fire by means of isolation belt and manual fighting. On August 8, helicopters will continue to be mobilized to participate in the implementation of ground to air cooperation in fire fighting.

In addition, at 14:15 on July 7, a forest fire broke out in Ruiyuan village, Dahua Township, Yuexi County. Liangshan Prefecture's relevant leaders led the working group to the scene for command, and Yuexi County has organized 350 people to put out the fire.

At 16:28 on July 7, a forest fire broke out in group 1, luowo village, luowo Township, Mianning County. Liangshan Prefecture Party committee led the working group to the scene for command. Mianning County has organized 460 people to fight the fire.

The cause and area of the two forest fires in Yuexi and Mianning are to be found out. Due to the strong wind in the fire site, in order to ensure the safety of firefighters, the two fire sites have now turned into the observation stage, and the next fire fighting plan is determined according to the fire situation.

Grassland forest fire risk meteorological level reaches level 4-5

According to the office of forest and grassland fire prevention headquarters of Sichuan Province, it is estimated that from April 8 to 10, most parts of the Western Sichuan Plateau and Panxi region are mainly cloudy and sunny, with high temperature and dry air. The fire risk meteorological level of some local grassland forests can reach 4 to 5. According to the requirements of Sichuan Forest Fire Prevention Headquarters Office, relevant cities and prefectures should strengthen fire source management and do a good job in grassland forest fire prevention.

On April 7, the emergency management department issued a document to remind them to be alert to the fire caused by flying catkins. The main tree species that produce catkins are female poplar and willow. Catkins are a kind of inflammable material, and they burn very fast. After being ignited, the fire will spread instantly. If encountering the combustible materials such as haystacks and garbage dumps, the consequences are unimaginable.

The emergency management department reminds us to pay special attention to the prevention of flying catkins fire in daily life, especially in the occasion where an open fire needs to be lit. Do not light the willow catkins outside at will; strengthen the education and management of the children, do not place the fire source where the children can reach; extinguish the cigarette butts completely when smoking outdoors, and then discard them to prevent sparks flying; the kitchen windows of the residents' home should be equipped with screen windows to prevent outdoor flying fire; the large amount of catkins accumulated in the home and yard should be cleaned in time to prevent the flying fire from igniting them; the factory In order to prevent sparks from igniting the willow catkins floating in the sawing, polishing and other process workshops, the willow catkins can be removed and blocked by frequent cleaning and window screening.