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How to avoid being trapped in Yunnan tourism? Keep these three points in mind!

Yunnan has always been recognized as a major tourism province in China. Every year, there are many small partners who travel to Yunnan. But every year, some people are trapped. What's the matter? Why does this happen? How can I avoid being trapped in tourism?

Don't step on the low price trap

There is no good product at a low price, so there will be no pie in the sky. It's also necessary to eat when traveling. Even if the low-cost product is packaged well, don't believe it, so you can avoid most of the pits. Yunnan is rich in tourism resources, so there are many tourism practitioners. It is inevitable that the good and the bad will be mixed. Although it has been renovated, some tourism practitioners still have bad habits in the industry. For example, the one-day trip to Lashihai before the double 11 of last year, after the government's rectification, the price is divided into three grades. The price is 160-298, but there are still some on the market 50 yuan, 100 yuan products, and even 5 yuan and 10 yuan products. In this kind of group, if there is no self expense or shopping, how can a guide make money? A guide is not a philanthropist. There are also some websites that sell 500 and 800 travel tickets, which also contain round-trip air tickets. This kind of ticket is not enough for accommodation and air tickets. How can it be a pit.

Identify formal qualifications

Whether you choose to buy online or participate in a local group, whether it's a tourism activity organization or a travel agency, club or team, you must confirm Shanghai's qualification, contract details and insurance procedures when participating in a group. It is better to choose qualified and complete businesses, which is not only the guarantee of diameter, but also the responsibility of personal safety. If you are participating in a black group with no qualification and incomplete procedures, or you are still in a black car, you should at least keep the organizer's photo, license plate number and other information, especially if you are a single woman participating in this trip.

About shopping and consumption

If the itinerary you are participating in indicates that it is pure play, and you firmly refuse when you encounter forced consumption or shopping recommendation, you will only make the bad merchants more arrogant if you compromise. Even when you are participating in the low-cost shopping group, you should go to the regular shopping shop and save the shopping bills, which can facilitate the protection of rights and interests afterwards. Principle of free shopping: jade, silver and medicine should not be stained, tea should be careful, if you have special products, please look at your own pocket. There is also the so-called "love affair". Most of them look at their faces, tea saucers, wine saucers and rice saucers.

The above is how to avoid a pit when traveling to Yunnan, or how to reduce the loss when encountering a pit. Generally speaking, we should not be greedy for cheap, that is, to be greedy for small and cheap is to suffer big losses.