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How to play the most valuable two-day tour of Dunhuang? A two-day tour of Dunhuang

Dunhuang is a mysterious place with a history of thousands of years. It is an important starting point for Chinese civilization to lead to western regions, Europe, India, Persia and other places. It brings together ancient Central Plains Civilization and many other civilizations in the world. So, what's the route for a two-day tour to Dunhuang?

First day route: Mogao Grottoes - Grottoes Art Exhibition Center - Sanwei mountain - Mingsha mountain - Shazhou night market

On the first day, it is suggested that you visit the east line of Dunhuang. The main scenic spots of the east line are Mogao Grottoes and Mingsha mountain, which are close to the downtown area of Dunhuang. The starting distance is about an hour and a half. The first stop is the world famous Mogao Grottoes, which is the oldest and largest Buddhist holy land in the world. Tourists can feel the glorious and magnificent scenery here. The next stop It is the grotto art exhibition center, which is also a very comfortable place. In the afternoon, we mainly visit Sanwei mountain and Mingsha mountain. Yueya spring is surrounded by Mingsha mountain. In the evening, we go to the night market in Shazhou to experience the night life in the desert. Shopping, food and literature and art all exist.

Route of the second day: Dunhuang ancient city - xiqianfo Cave - Yangguan - Yumenguan - hecang city - Great Wall of Han Dynasty - Yadan devil City

This is a tour of the western line. The western line of Dunhuang is 300 kilometers long. It takes seven or eight hours by car. The distance is long and the traffic is difficult. However, it's all new roads. There are few cars and the road condition is very good. It's suggested that you charter a car to go there. Along the western line, you can visit Dunhuang ancient city movie and Television City, West thousand Buddha cave, Yumenguan, Cangcheng Great Wall of Han Dynasty and other scenic spots, characterized by a taste of the desolation and tragedy of Dunhuang; In the evening, go to Yadan devil city to see the sunset and experience the scene of "the long river falling yen". The west route is far away. It is suggested to bring food and water in advance.

Scenic spot tickets: tickets are a relatively heavy expenditure of Dunhuang Tourism. The reference prices of major scenic spots are: 200 yuan for Mogao Grottoes (peak season price, half off season price), 120 yuan for Mingsha mountain (peak season price, half off season price), 70 yuan for Yadan National Geopark, 40 yuan for Dunhuang film and Television City, Han great wall and Yumen pass.

Accommodation recommendation: there is a big difference in price in the light and peak seasons. The peak season is from May to October, and the off-season is from November to April of the next year. The standard room of Dunhuang Hotels with middle price is 100-300 yuan / night.

Food and beverage: the price of most noodles is less than 10 yuan for economical dining standards; the price of a meal for two people is less than 40 yuan for medium-sized restaurants.

Transportation Guide: Dunhuang Tourism is mainly by charter, according to the day charter. The western line car rental is 350-450 yuan / day, and the eastern line car rental is 150 yuan / day. The starting price of taxis in Dunhuang is 5 yuan, 40-60 yuan from downtown to Mogao Grottoes, and 1-3 yuan for public transportation.