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How can I get to Xinduqiao from Chengdu? The best travel route from Chengdu to Xinduqiao

The distance from Chengdu to Xinduqiao is not too far, but the geographical and climatic environment along the way is a matter of great concern. After all, it has begun to be located on the plateau, but the beautiful scenery along the way is indeed numerous. So, what can I enjoy from Chengdu to Xinduqiao? What is the best travel route?

Xinduqiao location: Xinduqiao is a small town in the west of Kangding County, 81 kilometers away from the county seat, also known as East Russia.

Xinduqiao is known as the "paradise for photographers". Its beauty is not in Xinduqiao town itself, but in the scenic corridor 10 kilometers away from Xinduqiao town to the East and west 2 kilometers away. As we all know, Xinduqiao is a paradise for photography, not for tourism (donkeys).

Xinduqiao scenic promenade is about 3460 meters above sea level, with plateau climate, large temperature difference and changeable climate. It is the fork of the north-south line of Sichuan Tibet, connecting Tagong and Danba in the North (take s215 to Tagong grassland and Bamei town of Daofu County in the north, take S303 to Longdeng to Luhuo to connect with G317 National Road, or S211 to meimeigu Danba, through Jinchuan county to connect with G317 National Road in Baiwan township), Gongga Mountain in the South (take s215 to Jiulong to connect with jiagenba township), Litang in the West and Daocheng Yading in the South --Shangri la is the only place for G318 on the south line of Sichuan Tibet railway. It is 400km away from Chengdu and 80km away from Kangding city. On the way, it is necessary to climb the first 4962m high mountain on the Sichuan Tibet line -- zhedo mountain (the first pass in Kangba, 4298m in Yakou). In addition, Gongga Mountain, the king of Shushan, is the best scenic spot recommended by National Geographic. It's Xinduqiao, where you can take photos of Rizhao Jinshan in good weather.

Chengdu Xinduqiao self driving tour route (at present, only starting from Chengdu), there are two routes from Chengdu to Xinduqiao. The route map:

Best route

Article 1: Chengdu - 137km (1.5h) Ya'an - 38km (1H) Tianquan - 72km (2H) Erlangshan Tunnel - 29km (40min) luding - 49km (1H) Kangding - 78km (2H) Xindu bridge [whole process: 403km]

Scenic spots along the way:

Erlang mountain, Hailuogou, Luding Bridge and MUGECUO.

Traffic conditions:

Chengdu Ya'an: the whole expressway is in good condition;

Ya'an Luding: on the asphalt road, passing outside Tianquan County, then crossing the first dangerous pass of Sichuan Tibet railway, Erlang mountain, with an altitude of 3437 meters.

Luding Kangding: it's not far from Luding County. The road is under construction. The road is paved with gravel. Beside the road is the dangerous Dadu River. Drive carefully.

Kangding Xinduqiao: when you leave Kangding City, you can climb until you climb over the zigzag mountains with an altitude of 4298 meters, and then you can reach Xinduqiao town half an hour later. The road section is prone to dark ice and fog weather, so it is necessary to drive carefully, in addition to prevent the occurrence of plateau reaction.

Article 2: Chengdu (56km) Dujiangyan (83km) Wolong (97km) rilong town (108km) Danba (84km) Bamei (63km) Xinduqiao [491km]

Scenic spots along the way:

Dujiangyan, Siguniang mountain, Danba beauty Valley and Tagong grassland

Traffic conditions:

Chengdu Dujiangyan: City cement road or asphalt National Road, good road condition

Dujiangyan Wolong: the Dujiangyan Yingxiu section is a cement national road with good road conditions, which needs to be turned over, while the Yingxiu Wolong section is an ore road with poor road conditions

Wolong rilong Town: the cement national road is in good condition. It needs to climb over the balang mountain, which is more than 4000 meters long. At this time, we need to pay attention to the prevention of plateau reaction.

Rilong town - Danba: from rilong town to Xiaojin County, there is a cement national road with good road conditions, many downhill sections, many sharp turns, and from Xiaojin to Danba section, the road condition changes from ordinary cement pavement to gravel road, and the road condition becomes worse.

Danba Bamei: the road is paved with asphalt road, which is smooth and suitable for driving.

Bamei Xinduqiao: the new road built in the past two years is in good condition.

Xinduqiao accommodation

Xinduqiao town is located on the only way to the West and north of Kangding. It is an important post station on the West Sichuan Ring Road and the Sichuan Tibet line. Due to the influence of geographical reasons, accommodation is very tense during the tourism period, and there is often a shortage of supply. Therefore, self driving tourists want to have a comfortable place to rest, it is better to book a hotel in advance before departure.