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What are the causes of frequent forest fires? Self rescue method of forest fire

Sichuan Forest Fire Brigade urgently dispatched 7 members of the advance team led by Zhongji, leader of Liangshan Prefecture detachment, to understand the situation. The advance team needs 6 hours to arrive at the fire site. At present, 350 local firefighters are on standby. Previously, 30 people were killed in the forest fire in Muli mountain of Liangshan, Sichuan Province. The fire point and lightning stroke trees have been found and confirmed as lightning fire. The martyrs who died in the fight have also returned home. I didn't expect it to revive. What's the matter?

In the morning of April 7, 2019, according to the report of Liangshan forest and grassland fire prevention headquarters office, the forest fire site in lier village, Yalongjiang town was affected by the strong wind, the hidden smoke covered by artificial precipitation and snowfall in the early stage of the cliff in the northeast of the fire burned area was re ignited, the rotten wood piles were burned and rolled down to the bottom of the cliff to ignite the unburned trees in the burned area, forming a crown fire, and a flying fire was blown to the east outside the fire site Forest land burning.

At 5:00 a.m. on April 7, more than 350 firefighters near the fire site have arrived at the fire site and are cutting the isolation zone and fighting open fire. At the same time, 440 firefighters from surrounding villages and towns were mobilized to the fire site for emergency support, and the burned area was cleaned up under the premise that the fire site was under control.

At present, the governor of Liangshan Prefecture, sugarbu, has led the working group to the fire site, the provincial forest fire brigade has also mobilized 95 forest fire officers and soldiers to the fire site, and three helicopters have started air reconnaissance and bucket fire fighting operations. Relevant information will be released to the public in time. Why are forest fires so frequent?

Why are forest fires so frequent?

Spring has always been the most frequent period of forest and grassland fires in China. The data shows that in the past five years, 35% of forest and grassland fires are concentrated in April, and the fire prevention situation in key forest areas is severe.

This spring, the temperature of many places in the north is on the high side, the rainfall is less, the days of strong wind are more, and the fire prevention situation is severe. In addition, there are many hidden dangers in the peak of Qingming Festival fire. During the period of "May 1st", the number of tourists increased, and the spring ploughing production and other factors made the fire source control difficult.

The picture shows a burnt forest in the forest fire in Muli, Sichuan Province.

Cui Honghao, deputy director of the fire prevention and Management Department of the Ministry of emergency management, said that in general, the situation of spring prevention this year, especially in the key forest areas of northeast and Inner Mongolia, is extremely severe.

First, the natural conditions are unfavorable.

According to the forecast of the meteorological department, the temperature in Northeast China and Inner Mongolia is on the high side, the rainfall is less and the days of strong wind are more this spring. The combustible load in some areas of Xing'an Mountains and Changbai Mountains reaches 60 tons per hectare, which is twice of the internationally recognized critical value of prone to catastrophic fire.

Second, there are many fire risks.

Qingming Festival is the peak of fire use. During the "May 1st" period, the number of tourists increased, and spring cultivation and other factors added, so it is difficult to control the fire source.

Third, the basic strength is weak.

The fire prevention infrastructure in forest and pastoral areas is weak, large-scale equipment is insufficient, the number of fire fighting teams in some places is insufficient, personnel aging and other problems exist to varying degrees, and the ability to deal with heavy and extra large forest and grassland fires is still insufficient.

According to statistics, more than 90% of forest and grassland fires in China are caused by burning paper, smoking, burning straw and setting off fireworks. We should carry out extensive fire prevention publicity and education, release early warning and fire prevention information in a timely manner, strengthen fire safety training, promote the change of customs, and strive to create a fire prevention atmosphere for the whole people. "Self rescue method of forest fire?

Forest fire prevention, remember '12119' alarm call

According to the relevant person in charge of the Forest Fire Department of the emergency management department, the forest fire is spreading rapidly. Without the guidance of professional personnel, the ordinary people should not blindly fight against the fire, and should avoid danger in time, and call the forest fire alarm number "12119" to call the police.

To avoid danger, keep away from the fire source and transfer to the open area where there is no vegetation or vegetation is rare, so as to prevent being injured by fire. When escaping, choose the side wind direction route to escape, do not run along the wind; protect the respiratory tract, cover your mouth and nose with wet towel or clothes as much as possible to prevent suffocation by inhaling smoke.

If it is too late to transfer, the terrain is relatively flat, the fire line height is not more than 1 m, the fire intensity is not high, and the combustion is relatively sufficient, the fire line can be used to avoid danger.

If you are in low and sparse grass, and you have kindling, you can take the way of ignition to escape. "It is to quickly burn out an open area, and then enter the burned area to avoid danger. Since there is no combustibles in the burned area, the fire will bypass this area. But be sure to cover your nose and mouth with a wet towel or clothes. "The relevant person in charge of the Forest Fire Department of the emergency management department reminds me.

If the above-mentioned three ways of avoiding danger are too late or the conditions are not available or can not be implemented, the use of protective equipment and lying down can be considered as a last resort.