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Tianjin eye Ferris wheel is not closed. Can Tianjin eye lovers sit?

On April 2, Mr. Bi took his friends to visit the ferris wheel in the eye of Tianjin. Unexpectedly, the staff did not close the door of the ferris wheel cabin. Tianjin eye Ferris wheel is one of Tianjin landmarks, with a diameter of 110 meters. Manager Li of the scenic spot said that there was a reason. At that time, some tourists disturbed the order and focused on the tourists who disturbed the order. It was the staff's negligence.

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What is the legend of Tianjin eye? Lovers will break up when they sit in Tianjin eye?

There is a place in Tianjin called Tianjin eye, which is actually a Ferris wheel. Local friends all said to me: 'you and your boyfriend should never sit in the eye of Tianjin, and break up after a lot of going. '

The matter was also analyzed by master Zhouyi, who said: the eye of Tianjin is located in the Taiji map of the trigeminal river mouth, where the counter clockwise Taiji rotation is violent! It creates a powerful energy field, in which the lovers are indirectly disturbed by this information, making the mood fluctuate more.

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What are some interesting scenic spots in Tianjin

Tianjin eye is a giant Ferris wheel located at Yongle bridge (formerly Cihai Bridge) of Haihe River in Tianjin, and the only Ferris wheel built on the bridge in the world.

The former residence of Huang Rongliang, also known as the residence of Huang guoxiangxia, was founded in the late 1920s. It is located in Fengshou Road, the French concession of Tianjin at that time. It is located in a bustling downtown area. General Zhang Xueliang's residence was one step away from it.

Ancient culture street is a commercial pedestrian street composed of small folk shops in Qing Dynasty, which is the earliest place where culture, religion and Commerce gather in Tianjin.

Tianjin Florence town - Beijing Tianjin famous brand outlets is the first large-scale high-end brand discount center and leisure culture center with pure Italian style in China.