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Shock! Tianjin's eye Ferris wheel is not closed, and the cabin door is lifted up for 110 meters. The

On April 2, Mr. Bi took his friends to visit the ferris wheel in the eye of Tianjin. Unexpectedly, the staff did not close the door of the ferris wheel cabin. Tianjin eye Ferris wheel is one of Tianjin landmarks, with a diameter of 110 meters. Manager Li of the scenic spot said that there was a reason. At that time, some tourists disturbed the order and focused on the tourists who disturbed the order. It was the staff's negligence. Why does this happen?

At around 8:00 p.m. on April 2, when he and his friends went to the eye of Tianjin to take the ferris wheel, they forgot to close the cabin door due to the negligence of the staff. When the cabin slowly rose into the air and the cold wind blew into the cabin, six people realized that it was not right and experienced a moment of shock.

Mr. Bi said that he and his friends came to Tianjin for a tour that night. At the first stop, he arrived at the ferris wheel "Tianjin eye". After buying tickets, he queued up to enter the passenger cabin, where there were six people. The ferris wheel started, and the cabin lifted up slowly. Then we found that the door was not closed. "At first, we thought it was an automatic door, which would close automatically when the ferris wheel was officially started. "However, the ferris wheel has been running for nearly 5 minutes, watching the cabin rise higher and higher, but the door has not been closed.

When the cold wind blew into the cabin, everyone felt very cold. With fear, several women began to feel uncomfortable. Mr. Bi tried to pull the hatch up, but it didn't move at all. Then, several people began to look for the rescue facilities, and found an emergency button, but there was no response when they pressed it. In the panic, they found another call for help. "Thanks to the signal from the mobile phone, we dialed the phone and contacted the staff. "About ten minutes later, the cabin finally landed on the ground, and everyone was shivering with cold.

Claim for compensation and dissatisfaction

After that, Mr. Bi said, six people in the cabin were taken to the tourist service center. The person in charge of Tianjin eye explained that the hatch should have been closed manually by the staff before the ferris wheel was started, but because of negligence, the staff forgot to close the hatch. Now you can refund the ticket for the guest and take it for free again, or you can take the ferris wheel without waiting in line and buying the ticket next time you come to Tianjin eye. The other four accepted the result, refunded their tickets and took the ferris wheel again. However, Mr. Bi's friend was not well and frightened. He dared not take the ferris wheel any more, and refused the suggestion. We ask for a compensation of 500 yuan from Tianjin eye. We go to the hospital by ourselves, but the other side says that it's definitely not good to compensate for cash. It can only be the same amount of goods. You can give us a postcard of Tianjin eye! With such a big security problem, we were already in a bad mood. Do we still have to look at the postcard to remember this horrible memory? "In the end, the person in charge said that if you want to compensate, you need to apply to the superior department step by step. Seeing the solution hopeless, Mr. Bi and his friends left by themselves.

Eye of Tianjin: some guests disturb the order

In this regard, today's reporter also contacted manager Wang of Tianjin Haihe Asset Management Co., Ltd. 'Tianjin eye' Ferris wheel project. He explained that seven passengers had been arranged to enter Mr. Bi's cabin that night, but one of the male passengers said that he would not enter the cabin at all, so he had to take a single cabin, but according to the regulations, the capacity of each cabin is 8 people, single Taking a single cabin alone will lead to the problem of unbalanced counterweight. Although the staff have been patiently explaining, the male passenger just didn't listen and disturbed the order of the scene. The 'eye of Tianjin' also called the police for this. Because the passenger was so noisy, the staff didn't close the cabin door in time, but when the ferris wheel started, they found out the situation and took measures immediately. However, after the machine started, it needed a "buffer period" to return. After the "buffer period", they immediately lowered the cabin back to the ground. The emergency button mentioned by Mr. Bi didn't respond when pressed. It was a mistake for the passengers to understand. In fact, the emergency button was not an alarm bell, but a call device. After pressing it, the passengers could talk with the ground control personnel. But at that time, the passengers kept pressing the button, resulting in the inability of both sides to talk.

Afterwards, the "eye of Tianjin" side also sincerely discussed with the passengers about the solution. Six passengers were basically OK. Four of them quickly accepted the solution of their ticket refund and re riding the ferris wheel for free. Only Mr. Bi and his friends asked for compensation of 500 yuan. "We said that the claim for compensation needs to be reported to the company for approval, but when we went out to pour water for them, they left without contact information. "Manager Wang said that the two sides can further communicate and negotiate with each other about passengers' demands.