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Why do you need an interview for a U.S. visa? Visa interview skills in the United States

In recent years, with the improvement of people's living standards, more and more people like to travel abroad. The United States has always been one of the most popular tourist destinations, but you have to have an American visa to go to the United States. So, what materials do you need to apply for a U.S. tourist visa? What are the visa interview skills in the United States?

The American visa interview is now generally in Beijing or Guangzhou. I personally think the pass rate in Guangzhou is slightly higher than that in Beijing. The good news is that Wuhan will soon open a new American embassy, which will make it easier for Wuhan's friends to interview.

Interview skills in the United States:

1, self-confidence

The American mentality, they respect people who have confidence. When talking to the visa officer, talk to him in a communicative tone, and be careful not to talk too much. When you can't hear clearly, you should dare to say, sorry, I didn't hear clearly, the visa officer won't mind, but don't always hear clearly, so as not to arouse his antipathy. You don't need to worry about your poor English or not at all, because visa officers ask questions in Chinese.

2. Smile generously

Smile as much as possible when signing face-to-face. When answering the visa officer's questions, you must focus on the visa officer and face him squarely. Never look around and be absent-minded. Answer the questions simply and concisely. Don't be too quiet or too shy. You can give the visa officer a very good impression if you are confident and frank.

3. Correct mentality

In face-to-face time, fast is 1 minute, slow is 30 minutes. Fast and slow do not affect your visa, because the different character of the visa officer has a lot to do with the materials you prepare. You don't need to worry about this detail. Peace of mind, to refuse to sign a rational understanding. If you refuse to sign, remember the reason for on-site consultation and strive for approval again.

4. Clear objectives

The main purpose of the interview is to eliminate the visa officer's tendency towards your immigration, so you must prepare more before the visa, adjust your mind, and know how to avoid common mistakes in the interview. The purpose of the visa (and the only purpose) is to travel. Do not and cannot mention the business activities during the trip.

5. Proper appearance

Pay attention to your natural dress, which is in line with your identity and role. Girls are better to wear light make-up, but don't wear heavy make-up and hair. Boys should be smart, don't need formal suits, but not too casual.

6. Active submission of materials

When the visa officer asks you about your living conditions or family background in China, he / she should take the initiative to present it to the visa officer with a smile. For example, when the visa officer asks you if you have a fixed residence in China, you should present the original real estate certificate to the visa officer with both hands.