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Where is Wuyuan better to live? Wuyuan is suitable for tourists' accommodation

Wuyuan, I believe you all know the name when we mention it! Wuyuan is the 'most beautiful village in China'. The autumn scenery here is the most beautiful in China. In spring, it is also the best viewing place for rape flowers. When it comes to the peak season of tourism, it is full of people. Before going to travel, you must solve the accommodation problem. Where is the most convenient place to live in Wuyuan?

Where is the most convenient place to live in Wuyuan

1、 In Wuyuan County, many people recommend that it is convenient to live in the county. Wuyuan's tourist route is the east line and the north line. They are all at a fork in the county, heading east and North. Moreover, there are many choices. The first stop for many tourists to come to Wuyuan is here. The accommodation conditions in the county are also good. There are many star hotels. During the golden period of tourism, the price will rise. It is recommended to reserve a room before going out.

2、 The accommodation in the village is divided into the specially operated Inn and the pure farmhouse accommodation. The conditions of the inn are similar to those in the county. The pure farmhouse accommodation may have one or two beds. Because the scenic spots are relatively scattered, the inn or farmhouse accommodation is generally selected to deeply feel the simplicity, life and local flavor of the farmhouse. The Likeng scenic spot is recommended here, which is relatively convenient.

The most convenient place to live in Wuyuan is recommended to live in the county seat, because there are many choices and can be considered in many aspects. It is also convenient to find a car in the county seat if you want to rent a car.