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Where is the best place to enjoy cherry in Wuhan? More than 20 cherry resorts in Wuhan

From March 21 to April 4, Wuhan University implemented the reservation management of cherry viewing, which can reserve the quota three days in advance. At 8:00 p.m. on March 18, the official channel of Wuhan University just opened the cherry viewing appointment, and the system was busy. On March 21, the number of cherry viewing places was quickly booked out. Although closed management has not yet been implemented, social vehicles are no longer allowed to enter the two school entrances on chagang road. Every few hundred meters in the campus, there are eye-catching signs of "Cherry watching". The cherry trees in Kunpeng square, Cherry Avenue, administrative building, etc. are all white flowers at a glance. There are many tourists taking photos under the trees, most of them are old people, children and lovers. So, where to see cherry blossom in Wuhan?

In Wuhan, there are not only the famous Wuhan University and East Lake cherry garden. According to statistics, there are lots of cherry blossoms to enjoy in all major scenic spots, parks, green squares, small amusement parks and alleys in Wuhan. There are more than 20 cherry areas where people can enjoy cherry blossoms at home.

Among the scenic spots in the city, Oriental Lake cherry garden, Wuhan Garden Expo Garden, Wuhan Botanical Garden and Qingchuan Pavilion all have cherry blossom to enjoy. Each park and green square has a special cherry forest and cherry slope, such as Hankou river beach, Jiefang Park, Qingshan Park, Dijiao Park, Wangjiadun Park, Baodao Park, zhuyehai Park, Northwest Lake green square, Shouyi square, etc.

Wuhan University is the most famous university in Wuhan. In fact, there are cherry trees in Central China Normal University, Wuhan University of science and technology, Central South University for Nationalities and Hubei second normal university.

There are also many cherry trees in some small gardens and alleys. There are a large number of cherry trees in an alley about 100 meters long near the Hongshan auditorium, which has become a 'net red punch point'. There are small cherry trees under Huangpu Road overpass, dijiaoji circuit green land, Qiaokou Industrial Park, Hanxi south road green land, etc.

In Huangpi, cherry blossom can be seen in Qingliang village, jinligou, Mulan mountain, Mulan Tianchi and Mulan Flower Valley, of which Qingliang village and jinligou are the most concentrated.

Cherry Blossom 50% of the city's flowers bloom at the right time of the weekend

In Wuhan, cherry blossoms bloom overnight. It is predicted that more than 50% of the city's cherry blossoms will bloom. This weekend, there will be a better landscape and more Cherry watchers.

1. Wuhan University

Flowering: 50% of the flowers are in bloom. There are still many small white, pink and green buds on some cherry trees. It is expected that the blooming period will come on March 23.

2. East Lake cherry garden

Flowering period: the flowering rate has reached 30%. In addition to early cherry varieties such as primrose, Hanfei cherry, Feihan cherry and Yunnan early cherry, Chinese cherry varieties such as ranjingjiye and Dadao cherry are blooming in succession.

3. Hankou River Beach

Florescence: there are clusters of small white flowers on cherry trees near the Yiyuan square of Hankou river beach, from Lanling road to Yuehan wharf, Hankou river beach phase III, etc. By visual inspection, 30% of the flowers are in full bloom.

4. Wangjiadun Park

Flowering: 50% of the flowers are in full bloom, early cherry blossom is in full bloom, late cherry blossom is in the first and middle of April.

5. Qingshan Park

Florescence: 50% of the flowers bloom, of which 12 'yuyihuang' are expected to bloom at the end of March, and the florescence can last for 20 days.

6. Qingliangzhai

Flowering: early cherry and middle cherry are in full bloom. Late cherry is expected to open in early April, with a flowering period of about 20 days.

7. Dijiao Park

Florescence: in full bloom. On both sides of the south gate, cherry blossoms on the cherry blossom slope are as bright as clouds, attracting many tourists to take photos. There are more than 1000 cherry trees in Dijiao park. Cherry photography exhibition is being held in the park, displaying 35 excellent works of "image Dijiao & middot; cherry rhyme" photography competition. Photo walls (frames) are set at Cherry Avenue, cherry slope and other places. Citizens can "punch cards" in the same frame as cherry trees.