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What's the matter with Mafeng being interviewed? Why the wasp colony was interviewed

The latest news, according to the information released by Beijing Municipal Communications Administration, on March 28, Beijing Municipal Communications Administration, together with the Municipal Culture and Tourism Administration and the municipal network information office, jointly interviewed Beijing Mafeng Network Technology Co., Ltd. and put forward rectification requirements. What's going on? Why does Mafeng have this situation?

Beijing Municipal Bureau of communications, together with the Municipal Bureau of culture and tourism and the Municipal Office of network and information technology, jointly interviewed Beijing Mafeng Network Technology Co., Ltd. and severely criticized its website and mobile application store for failing to fulfill their obligations of examination and stop transmission immediately in violation of the provisions of the administrative measures for Internet information services and the "nine prohibitions" and proposed immediate rectification requirements.

Beijing administration put forward three requirements and issued the notice of rectification:

The first is to require the company to improve its political position and political sensitivity, improve its legal awareness, and carry out relevant services with a high sense of social responsibility; the second is to immediately rectify the problems that have occurred in the early stage, to fully check all the data of the company's website and app, and immediately stop the transmission of existing illegal content; the third is to require the company to strengthen its technical skills Section construction, and strengthen the education and training of employees, strengthen the combination of technology and management, establish and improve the network information security audit mechanism; fourth, require the hornet nest company to submit a written rectification report within one week.

Beijing Municipal Bureau of culture and tourism and relevant principals of Beijing network information office put forward specific work requirements for Ma Fengwo from the perspective of the competent department of culture and tourism industry, strengthening content security management, establishing and improving the relevant content audit system, etc. Ma cellular said that it will comprehensively investigate the existing problems according to the requirements of the regulatory authorities, immediately rectify them, and improve the internal management and audit process.

In the next step, Beijing Administration will continue to intensify its efforts to discover and dispose of harmful information on the Internet, make every effort to do a good job in basic management of Internet websites, and cooperate with relevant departments to dispose of harmful information quickly and efficiently.