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What are the interesting places in Ya'an six years after the earthquake?

Ya'an is also a very beautiful place. It has been six years since the Ya'an earthquake. It has also developed rapidly in these six years. Although the shadow of the earthquake may still be in the deepest part of people's mind for a long time, there are still many scenic spots worth visiting. So, what's fun about Ya'an?

What's fun in Ya'an

Bifengxia Wildlife Park

Bifeng gorge wildlife park is located in Bifeng Gorge Scenic Area, so it will not be very hot in summer, so it is suitable to bring children here to have a summer vacation to see wild animals and get close to nature. Children can take the feeding car in the scenic area to feed lions, tigers and black bears. It is very exciting to watch these large beasts take food away. You will find that there are a lot of animal commentary boards on both sides of the road, on which the physiological characteristics, distribution, interesting news, emotion and other knowledge of animals are introduced in detail, making people increase their knowledge while playing.

Ancient town of Shang Li

Shangli ancient town is a place with beautiful scenery and mountains and rivers. It is a very suitable place for taking photos. You can also see many stilts in ancient times. The ancient town is not big. You can slow down your pace and taste the charm of the ancient town when you play here. Strolling in the ancient town, you can feel the ancient town. Surrounded by water, the ancient town faces the fields and hills. It is like an idyllic landscape painting, reflecting the ancient trees, Xiuzhu, streams and bridges around it.

Cattle backed mountain

Niubei mountain can be said to be one of the favorite mountains of many mountaineers in Chongqing and Sichuan. The scenic spots on the top of the mountain are very spectacular. On the top of the mountain, there is a cliff with a huge stone protruding, which looks like a cow's head. The long and thin ridge looks like a cow's back, so it gets its name (also known as "wild cow mountain"). This is a rugged mountain road with beautiful scenery. Whether it's a hiker or a photography enthusiast, this mountain is a top-level photography tour.

Da Hua Gang Zhi

Dawargenza is a highly recommended scenic spot. The scenery here can not be described as fairyland on earth. The scenery is picturesque all year round. The scenery in the mountain is beautiful. You can see the forest, grassland, canyon and lake. If you are lucky, you can also see the cloud sea and Rizhao Golden Mountain. At present, this area is not open for tourism, but there are still many people coming here every year. There is no accommodation service on the top of the mountain, and they can live in the countryside under the mountain.

Ya'an is a good place to travel. Niubei mountain and dawargenza are highly recommended.