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What are the old food brands in Macao? List of Macao time-honored food

Macao, speaking of this place, we should all be familiar with it. We should know that the casinos in Macao were famous all over the world. Macao is a diversified city with strong inclusiveness. It is also a food city with many old brands. What are the old brand shops in Macao?

1. Mingji niuza

Almost no one in Macao knows Mingji's cattle. This is a mobile stall. It starts at 5 or 6 p.m. every day. Mingji's stew is heavy and the consumption is not high. You can buy a large portion of 50 Portuguese dollars. Because of its high popularity in the local and tourist circles, Mingji has a very busy line every day as soon as it starts, so it is necessary to step on the line in advance. Here, Xiaobian recommends the curry and beef offal in Mingji. It's delicious.

2. Longhua Teahouse

Longhua teahouse is a traditional time-honored restaurant in Macao. It opened in 1962. The decoration of the whole restaurant is very retro, surrounded by paintings and calligraphy. The floor is also the style of the old age. Here, we can taste the early tea of Guangdong style. The tea is in the cart and can be taken by ourselves. The price is quite affordable. "Macao Fengyun 1" has also been shot here!

3. Big dragon and Phoenix Teahouse

The great dragon and Phoenix teahouse has a certain history in Macao. It is similar to the Longhua teahouse. The decoration here also has a sense of age. The tables, chairs and benches are full of nostalgia. The old generation of Macao people also like it.

Every afternoon, there is also a performance of Cantonese Opera repertoire in the teahouse, which is unique in Macao. There are many local people around. If you are free, you can experience it in Longfeng teahouse and learn about the most leisurely side of Macao people!

4. Chen Shengji

Chen Shengji is one of the most famous old shops in Macao. He was recommended by Michelin and appeared in China on the tip of the tongue. Cai Lan, a famous gourmet, also loves it.

Many diners dislike the taste of Chen PI duck, but only after coming to Chen Shengji did they start to look at Chen PI duck in a different way. It's amazing how the food changes the impression. Chen has many branches in Macao, and the quietest one is in the red street market.