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Where is New Zealand better to play? New Zealand fun places

New Zealand is a relatively suitable country for travel. New Zealand has magnificent mountains and rivers, blue lakes, romantic starry sky, pure nature within reach, which are all beautiful sceneries for people to think about. These beautiful sceneries also attract many people to travel. So, what is New Zealand suitable for tourism? Are these tourist attractions interesting?

Famous New Zealand attractions

1. Queenstown

Close to the South Alps, Queenstown was once famous for gold exploration and a tourist attraction in New Zealand. With complete tourism facilities and convenient transportation, it is a good place for fishing, water skiing and boating. There are various shops and authentic handicrafts and jewelry. There are many Chinese restaurants, which are favored by tourists.

2. Christchurch

Christchurch is the largest city in South Island, an important port outside Auckland, the third largest city in New Zealand and the world's first-class' garden city '. It is famous for' the most British like city outside the UK '. It is also the gateway to Antarctica.

3. Mount Eden

Located about 5 kilometers south of the city center, Mount Eden is the crater of a dead volcano. There is a lookout at the top of the mountain, with a wide view, which is a good place to look at the city. In addition, you can visit the remains of the Maori fortress in the 12th century.

4. Skytower

Skytower is located in downtown Auckland, on the corner of Hobson St. and Victoria St. 328m high, it is the standard building in Auckland and the highest building in the southern hemisphere.

5. Kuk mountain

In the center of the South Alps, the kulk mountains pass through the lush Canterbury plain from Christchurch, heading south. Looking at it, you can see the highest peak of the kulk mountains in New Zealand. At an altitude of 3764 meters, it is called the 'Alps of the southern hemisphere'.

6. Capiti

Kapiti island is an uninhabited island in the southwest of New Zealand's North Island, at the north end of cork Strait. Covering an area of 23 square kilometers (9 square miles), the terrain is rugged, and 1 / 2 of it is forest. In 1897, almost all of them were drawn into the wildlife reserve, which is now a bird reserve.