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How much is the ticket to Thailand's Grand Palace? Notes on Tourism of Grand Palace in Thailand

Now more and more people like to travel to Thailand. The place to visit must be the grand palace. Located in the central area of Bangkok, the Grand Palace is the best preserved, largest and most ethnic palace in Thailand. So, how much is the ticket for the Grand Palace? What are the precautions for visiting the Grand Palace?

Opening hours of the Grand Palace

08:30-15:30; stop selling time: 15:20 (Monday Sunday, January 1-december 31)


Closed with royal ceremony

Because it's a hot spot, it's suggested to queue up early to buy tickets to visit. At this time, few people can easily feel the beauty of the Grand Palace, and it's not so hot.

Tickets to the Grand Palace

Package ticket: 500 baht, about 100 yuan (Monday Sunday, January 1-december 31)


Including jade Buddha Temple, Grand Palace, Ananda palace, teak Palace

The above figure shows the dress code of the grand palace. In summary, there is no shoulder, waist or calf leakage. Do not wear tights and other strange clothes. Slippers and sandals can be worn.

Notes for the Grand Palace

1. It is necessary to take off your shoes and take no photos when visiting the palace.

2. It is possible to encounter a change of guard at the gate. If you need to stop entering, you cannot take photos.

3. Don't climb over the wall and catch the fine.

4. Don't touch the strokes

5. Take good care of the environment and don't make noise

6. Civilized courtesy and orderly visit.

There are many Chinese people visiting the grand palace. After entering, they are surrounded by accents from all over the country. After entering, you can get a picture of the grand palace for free, so you can follow the picture to visit various scenic spots.