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Is Anshun rape in bloom? The best time to enjoy rape flowers in Anshun, Guizhou?

In early spring and March, rape flowers are blooming one after another. The golden sea of rape flowers is matched with ancient towns, roads and villages. The sea of rape flowers is unique and beautiful, forming a beautiful picture of rural scenery. So, did the rape flowers bloom in Anshun, Guizhou? Where is Anshun better to see rape flowers?

On both sides of the river, between the mountains, around the villages and above the fields, it is everywhere. You can't help but marvel at the golden clouds that God left on the plateau! ​ the curve and undulating lines are flat, vast and magnificent, the villages and towns are dotted with gullies, and the peaks are entwined continuously, making people dizzy and lingering. How happy it would be to live in such a sea of flowers forever. ​

It's very convenient to go to Anshun to enjoy the rape flower sea. From Guiyang, only a few minutes later, there are two main roads running through it, one is Shanghai Kunming Expressway and the other is Gui'an Avenue. You can go there by train, and you can go there by high-speed rail next year. You can also come from Yunnan, Liupanshui, Xingyi, Bijie and other areas in Guizhou, and you can fly directly to Anshun by plane, which are very convenient. ​

Self driving tour drives from Guiyang, where you can play for at least three days, but you still can't watch it and enjoy it enough. Because there are too many rape flowers, they are mainly distributed in Tianlong town of Pingba District, Ninggu Town, Longgong Town, qiyanqiao Town, Jiuzhou Town, daxiqiao town and other places in Xixiu District. It's also a very pleasant thing to shoot while playing. ​

Anshun Rape Flower Festival: from late March to mid April

Anshun rape flower festival location: Anshun City, Guizhou Province (specific location to be determined)

Anshun rape flower festival transportation:

1. Bus: Guiyang railway station - Anshun railway station - there are No.11, No.4 Ring Road, No.15, No.3 Ring Road, No.1, No.2 express, No.2, no.6, etc.

2. Self driving: Guiyang (Guihuang highway) - Qingzhen (Zhenqing Expressway) - Anshun City

Of course, in Anshun, in addition to the rape flowers, there are more people to see and shoot, because there are Tunpu culture from the Ming Dynasty, ethnic minority culture, and a lot of delicious food, which is a good place to walk!