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What are the specialties of Hainan? Top list of Hainan's specialties

Hainan is a very popular holiday city. Many people will choose this place to play with their families in Sanya's sunshine and beach. Hainan's staple food is not only white rice, but also Hainan people like to eat flour. What's the delicious flour in Hainan? Of course, the most popular one is the four flour in Hainan. Let's have a look at the four flour in Hainan!

Hainan four noodles - Hainan noodles

Hainan flour, as you all know, is a kind of delicacy made of rice flour and a dozen kinds of seasonings. Hainan flour originated in the south of Fujian Province, and is now very popular in Hainan, becoming one of the local representative delicacies. When you go to eat Hainan noodles, the owner will ask you whether you want to pickle or soup. Most people like to eat marinated powder, which is buried under the seasoning and soup, and can be eaten after being stirred evenly.

The fine round vermicelli is tasty, and Hainan powder is rich in ingredients. The beef, peanuts and sour bamboo shoots & hellip; & hellip; are full of fragrance. So Hainan noodles must be eaten!

Hainan four powders Lingshui acid powder

Lingshui acid powder is of course the most authentic of Lingshui. It's a little like a fan. Take a small bowl and fill it with half a bowl of powder. Pour some hot and thick dark red soup. Add materials, such as small fish, squid, fish cake, sour bamboo shoots, peanuts, dried beef, coriander, onion. Of course, you can also add some other ingredients according to your own taste.

Rich materials, thick and fragrant soup, soup with a little acid, mixed with the spicy pepper and the flavor of ingredients, the taste is quite rich, Lingshui acid powder is also a very popular powder!

Hainan four noodles - Houan noodles

Hou an powder was named after the An'an powder because of its origin in Hou an town. Suddenly, he thought of the clown powder named in front of the town of Luo, and could not help but Tucao: Hello, do you want to be so hasty!

Houan powder is soup powder. The bottom of the soup is made of seafood. It's added with pepper grown in South Shanghai. You can have a sip of soup with a little spicy in the fresh. It's also added with side dishes such as fat intestines, lean meat and lettuce. The powder is different from Hainan powder and Baoluo powder. It is flat powder and has different chewing feeling.

Four Hainan noodles - Baoluo noodles

Baoluo powder rises in the town of Baoluo in Wenchang. Like Hainan powder, Baoluo powder can be pickled in soup.

The essence of Broccoli Powder is in soup. The soup is made from beef bone and many kinds of materials. The soup tastes fresh, and it also contains beef seasoning, peanuts, sour bamboo shoots, coriander and other condiments. Although the materials are almost the same, but the noodles are different, so there is still a difference in taste. Compared with Hainan powder, Baoluo powder is coarser and coarser, but unlike ordinary coarser powder, it is not chewy. It has a certain elasticity. It can play Q.