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Are there any free attractions in Macao? What are the free attractions in Macao?

In recent years, Xiamen is also a popular tourist attraction in China. Many tourists like to visit Xiamen. So, what are the best places to visit in Xiamen? Many people will choose to play some free scenic spots when visiting Xiamen. What are the free scenic spots in Xiamen?

Xiamen University

This is a very beautiful campus. There are many trees in the campus. It's very pleasant to walk or read under the trees. Mr. Lu Xun used to work here for a long time, so there is the only Lu Xun Memorial Hall in the park.

Roundabout road

Built along the coast of Huandao Road, there are many scenic spots along the way. It is a place to visit when you come to Xiamen. Walking on the quiet wooden plank road, it's hard to move near the beach, the sea water in the distance and the sea view against the sunrise and sunset. You can also rent a bike to ride, let the sea breeze blow your face, and have a special charm.

Zeng CuO

Zengcuolong, known as "the most literary and artistic village in China", is located on the island ring road in Xiamen. It has gradually transformed from a simple fishing village near the sea into a popular cultural and creative village. Behind the prosperity, we still stick to the charm in our bones.

Zhongshan Road Pedestrian Street

Zhongshan road is like Nanjing Road to Shanghai and Chunxi Road to Chengdu for Xiamen. Zhongshan Road Pedestrian Street, founded in 1925, is an old city block and the oldest commercial pedestrian street in Xiamen. In the process of continuous integration of modernization and history, it still retains a relatively complete modern historical style.

Bay Park

In the daytime, you can see the sea in the west, Yuandang Lake in the East and bar street in the night. It is the only park in Xiamen with an amusement park, especially suitable for children. Bay Park is a good place for Xiamen to blow the sea breeze, play with children and soak in bars.

All of the above attractions are free in Xiamen. They are very interesting. I hope you guys can enjoy them.