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How is the best way to visit Dubai? How much does Dubai cost to travel?

As we all know, Dubai is synonymous with luxury. In recent years, Dubai has also become a popular tourist destination. People are curious about how "moat" this land rich country has. When planning the trip, they are sure to estimate how much it will cost for the next trip to Dubai? How much does Dubai really cost to travel?

This is to be estimated according to the itinerary. Generally speaking, thousands of yuan is OK. If you want to be luxurious, it will be at least tens of thousands of yuan. The key is how to spend it?

How much is a trip to Dubai

Generally, there are two ways to go to Dubai. The first one is group tour. For the first time to Dubai, it's easier to worry about it. Generally, the group fee is related to the number of days, air tickets, hotels and service quality. If the hotel you stay in is almost a four-star Hotel, and then it's almost a week, the group fee is about 7 or 8. If the check-in amount is Asia For a six-star Hotel, the group fee for a week is about 10000-15000. Such a price is only a general price. The price of online group is different from that of online group. We must compare three products. Don't choose a group that is too cheap. You can choose a high-quality group with neutral price or strong economic ability.

In addition to the group, many people will choose to travel freely. If the party is poor, it can save a little bit. If it's a general passenger, it's better to prepare a budget of 20000 yuan per capita. After all, the overall consumption level of Dubai is very high, 1-2 higher than that of the first tier cities in China. Basically, it costs a lot in accommodation and catering, The average hotel is about 500 yuan. For example, Atlantis and sailboat hotels, from tens of millions to tens of thousands of yuan are normal. The food and beverage for one day is about 300 yuan, so it is estimated that at least tens of thousands will be needed in the next week.

The question of how much it costs to travel to Dubai varies from person to person. Ordinary consumers may be able to travel for several thousand yuan. If they want to be luxurious, they can stay in seven-star hotels, and then some other travel experiences may be more expensive in the future.