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What is Xi'an zero difference free park? Spring flowers in Xingqing Park

There are many interesting places in Xi'an, but few people are sure to choose a zero difference scenic spot. But there are exceptions to everything. This scenic spot can be regarded as a place of high popularity. It has a deep foundation, a high value of Yan, and is amazing everywhere. The most important thing is that there is no ticket! Here is suitable for all seasons, especially spring. If you miss it, you seem to miss the whole spring! So, what is this scenic spot? What is the beauty of the scenic spot here?

The sharp eyed little friend has probably seen that this place is Xingqing palace park. Xingqing park is not only the largest urban park in Xi'an, but also the oldest historical and Cultural Heritage Park in China. It was built at the Xingqing Palace site of the Tang Dynasty, with profound cultural heritage. Looking at similar urban parks across the country, I believe we can't find several rivals.

Do you think it's only human? That's a big mistake! It's definitely a beautiful place with more beauty value. The Xingqing lake with clear water, the mountains with green mountains and the looming Tang style buildings are all matched by each other. In addition, the plants everywhere are full of flowers and plants, which are very beautiful.

Xingqing park is suitable for visiting all the year round, but if you have to choose a season, Xiaoyu thinks spring is the first time. At present, the park has been colorful and the spring wind is intoxicating. Looking at it, it can be said that it is amazing everywhere.

Because of the large area of the park, even though there are many tourists, there is no sense of crowding. During the tour, there are only pleasant and beautiful scenery.

Now is the most beautiful time. What are you waiting for? Come to Xingqing park to meet the most beautiful spring!