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What are the interesting scenic spots in Yunnan? An inventory of the seven must play scenic spots in

I believe that when it comes to tourism, the first thing you think about is Yunnan. After all, Yunnan is a very popular tourist city. Her beauty can only be witnessed by her own eyes, so many tourists are attracted by her. So, what are the necessary scenic spots in Yunnan? What's special about these scenic spots in Yunnan?

What are the necessary scenic spots in Yunnan?


Shangri la is the "closest place to heaven" in the list of tourist attractions in Yunnan. Its name comes from Shangri La in Tibetan, which means "sun and moon in the heart". As early as last century, it was mentioned by James Hilton, a famous British writer. It is precisely because of his influence that Shangri La is known by more and more people in the world.

Dali Old City

In the list of tourist attractions in Yunnan, Dali ancient city is also known as Yeyu city or Zicheng. Its history can be traced back to the Tang Dynasty, when it was the new capital of Nanzhao king. This ancient city fully reflects the history and culture of Dali. It all reveals the wisdom of the ancient working people.

Yulong Snowmountain

Yulong Snow Mountain is located in Lijiang City. It is a snow mountain group with a length of 75 kilometers. It is connected by 13 snow mountains in total. From a distance, it looks like a giant dragon winding here. In 1984, Yunnan provincial government established a nature reserve for Yulong Snow Mountain, and in 2007, it became the first batch of national AAAAA level scenic spots.


Cangshan is located in the west of Erhai Lake, Dali, with beautiful scenery. The snow scenery of the main peak is majestic and spectacular, which is one of the famous four sceneries of Dali. The clouds and mist in the mountains are unpredictable, with such wonderful shapes as' watch clouds' and 'jade belt clouds'. Climbing up Cangshan Mountain, you can also overlook the beautiful scenery of Erhai Lake and Dali. Cangshan has a general view of the beautiful scenery of Cangshan Mountain. You can take photos from all villages and towns along the Erhai Lake, or you can walk into Cangshan scenic area and experience it at a close distance.


Erhai Lake is a famous scenic spot in Yunnan Province and the second largest fresh water lake in Yunnan Province. It is about 42.58 kilometers long from north to south, with a maximum depth of about 20 meters. Erhai lake looks like a bright moon from the top to the bottom. The lake water is clear, and the surrounding beautiful scenery makes it look like a fairyland on earth. And Erhai was recorded as early as the Han Dynasty, where Zhang Qian passed when he went to the western regions.

Old Town of Lijiang

There is no doubt that the ancient city of Lijiang is the necessary scenic spot for regional tourism in the south. It is located in the center of Lijiang dam, with very favorable climate conditions, so it is spring all the year round. This ancient city was built at the end of Song Dynasty and the beginning of Yuan Dynasty. It covers an area of about 7.279 square kilometers. The famous Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki's "city of the sky" takes Lijiang as the background.

La Market

Lashihai, located 10 kilometers west of Lijiang City, is a wetland with abundant water and beautiful grass. The lake is surrounded by green grass, fish and shrimp in the water, and the environment is very beautiful. It is also a wintering habitat for many migratory birds. Every year, there are more than 100000 migratory birds. Lashihai is also a great place for riding, boating and bird watching in Lijiang.

If I want to say what are the necessary scenic spots in Yunnan, all the above should go. Only when I go there myself can I really appreciate the beauty of no scenic spot.