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What are the interesting spots in Lijiang ancient city? The four most interesting scenic spots in Li

Lijiang ancient city is the most famous one in Lijiang. Most people will choose Lijiang ancient city as their first stop. Lijiang ancient city can be regarded as a landmark scenic spot in Lijiang. Lijiang ancient city has a history of more than 800 years. The whole ancient city is full of a kind of picture of small bridges and flowing water. Standing on the East Street of the ancient city, you can look up at the Yulong Snow Mountain. So, what are the attractions of Lijiang ancient city?

What are the scenic spots in Lijiang ancient city

Sifang Street

Sifang street is the central street in the ancient city. It is the most bustling street. There are many food shops, bars and cafes. No matter in the daytime or in the evening, Sifang street is bustling. Four main streets extend from the center of Sifang street. The streets are connected with each other and extend in all directions. Moreover, food is everywhere. You can enjoy a lot of Naxi's special food by browsing.

Mu Fu

It's too wasteful to go shopping in the ancient city. The Mufu in the south of the city is worth visiting. It's a landmark of the ancient city. It's also the location of Mufu Fengyun. It's the residence of the Mushi chieftain in Lijiang. It's a grand and beautiful building with free explanation. Tourists will explain it once they arrive at a certain number.

Big water wheel

Many tourists come to Lijiang ancient city to force to take pictures of the scenic spot is the big waterwheel, which is also the symbol of the ancient city. It is the oldest agricultural irrigation tool in China. Beside the big waterwheel, countless people write their good wishes on the tag, leaving their thoughts and hopes for the future. When traveling to Lijiang ancient city, remember to take pictures here.

Lion Rock

Lion mountain is the best place to overlook the ancient city and take a panoramic view. When you stand at the top of the mountain, Lijiang ancient city and Yulong Snow Mountain are in front of you. It is very suitable for taking a large picture. The ancient building on the top of lion mountain is also a must see scenic spot. The whole mountain is not high. There are many trees and the air is very fresh on the way up the mountain. Remember not to make mistakes.

Old Town of Lijiang must go to the scenic spots. These are four rushing spots that must be gone, no matter how busy the time.