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What are the special bars in Lijiang? Which bar is fun in Lijiang ancient city

Lijiang ancient city is an ancient city full of literature and art atmosphere. The whole ancient city covers a large area and is full of various small shops. There are ways to play in the daytime and ways to open in the evening. In general, many people will find a bar in the evening to feel the night life of the ancient city. Which bar is fun in Lijiang ancient city?

Which bar is fun in Lijiang ancient city

D bar

Among the many bars in the ancient city, this bar is very low-key, and the singing skills of the resident singers are very good, and the boss is also a very story person. This hotel is the owner himself who has been singing for many years and saved money, just for making music. The environment of the bar is also very elegant, there is no noisy, and the atmosphere is very good.

Quack bar

This bar has a certain reputation in the ancient city, and its geographical location is not very good. It is opened in a small lane that is not very impressive. The whole bar is full of graffiti and posters. It needs to be booked in advance in the peak season. The music here is mainly original or cover singing. A good bar costs about 80 yuan per capita.

Sakura house bar

The location of Sakura house bar is rather hesitant, and it is also obvious that it is small and famous in the ancient city, with a large scale. It is divided into performing arts bar, disco bar, Qingba bar, music bar, performance bar and other areas. You can experience the high explosive ancient city bar culture here, which is liked by many young people.

Big ice house

The owner of this bar is a host of Shandong satellite TV. He is a very storyteller and reads a lot. So the business of the bar is very good. The house is very small. There are often too many people in it. Some people sing with guitars. There are also 40 yuan bottles of beer. It is recommended that their plum wine is very good.

If you are looking for a hotel in Lijiang ancient city, you can go to the bar street and choose it at will. As for which bar is fun in Lijiang ancient city, you can recommend these bars. They have good reputation and popularity. You can feel them.