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How to play Lugu Lake best? Free travel route and tourism strategy of Lugu Lake

Lugu Lake, located at the junction of Yanyuan County, Sichuan Province and Ninglang County, Yunnan Province, is under the jurisdiction of Sichuan and Yunnan Province. In the east of the lake is Lugu Lake Town, Yanyuan County (formerly Zuozuo District), and in the west is Yongning Township, Ninglang county. So, how can Lugu Lake play best? Lugu Lake free travel route and tourism strategy.

How to play freely in Lugu Lake: the first day

First, take a plane to Xichang, the beautiful capital of Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, which is known as the little spring city. After arriving at Xichang, pick up the plane and go to the hotel for check-in. Then you can move freely. Then you can go to the second largest freshwater lake in Sichuan Province by yourself. Qionghai Park, known as the "Pearl of Panxi", lies in the northeast of Lushan Mountain, north of Luoji Mountain, with mountains, clouds, and green scenery Qianqing is one of the top ten scenic spots in Sichuan Province. The water quality of Qionghai Lake is clear and transparent, covering an area of about 31 square kilometers. You can enjoy and feel the city that inhabits in spring!

How to play freely in Lugu Lake: the next day

After breakfast, take a bus to Lugu Lake scenic area, the mysterious land of daughter and the Pearl of the plateau. Chinese food can be eaten in Yanyuan County, the hometown of apple (about 3 hours by car). After the meal, continue to take about 3 hours by car to the beautiful Lugu Lake. In the afternoon, after arriving at Lugu Lake, you can see 10000 mu of grass sea and stroll across the first long lover bridge in China (no less than 40 minutes). Marriage is the end of love. White crane witnesses the tearful eyes and wild flowers peep at the autumn water. Mosuo people leave poems and compose new songs on the bridge. Golden meadow in 10000 mu of grass sea reflects the green buds, and groups of mandarin ducks on the lake and among the meadows Wild ducks and seagulls look for food and play, imitating the fairyland of yaochi.

How to play freely in Lugu Lake: the third day

After breakfast, take a tour around Lugu Lake (tour time no less than 2 hours) (tour content: Mosuo ancient village, Lige Peninsula, lover beach, and other cultural and natural scenic spots), and visit Mosuo characteristic buildings along the way to understand their characteristics. Experience how the Mosuo people who live here for generations continue the splendid and long-standing maternal social culture, become a treasure in the tide of modern social civilization, and appreciate the different Lugu Lake. Then take a bus to visit the mount of Gome, which is called "Gome" in Mosuo, and "sengme" in Tibetan means lion, and "Gome" means white goddess. In Mosuo legends, it is the incarnation of Gome. Every year, on July 25 of the lunar calendar, the whole people sacrifice to the goddess. As a grand festival, it has a history of more than 1000 years. Gemu goddess mountain is the best place to visit the panorama of Lugu Lake. Finally, take a bus to visit goddess Bay (no less than 40 minutes) to enjoy the most beautiful sunset -- every time the sun sets in the West and the sunset is red, the whole lake is covered with layers of warm colors. Look at Lugu Lake, which has been forgotten by the secular for hundreds of years! But it always keeps the blue! After the tour, take a bus back to the hotel for check-in and rest, and then free activities.

How to play freely in Lugu Lake: the fourth day

After breakfast, take a bus to visit the ancient Mosuo Village (the visiting time is not less than 90 minutes), which is one of the typical Mosuo villages in Lugu Lake. The folk houses in the village still maintain the traditional structure and style of Mosuo people, follow various living customs including walking marriage, and keep a large and small matrilineal family. Here you can listen carefully to the sister of the "matrilineal" kingdom to explain the mystery and freedom of "a Xia" walking marriage for you. After the visit, I was ready to return to Xichang by car. After 6.5 hours, I was ready to fly back.

The self-help Tour strategy of Lugu Lake is shared here. You can use it as a reference, and then make some modifications and adjustments according to your preferences, so that you can start from scratch.